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By Louis Ceifer ยท 6 replies
Jan 21, 2006
  1. Just installed Diskeeper 10 Pro and for some reason i cant run a boot time defragmentation!!! Every time i try i get the error " boot time defragmenter was not created for this operating system version"....can someone please help me out...i am running win xp pro sp2!!!! Have searched the net for a solution but have found nothing so far!!! Anyway thanks in advance for your help!!!
  2. senavis

    senavis TS Rookie Posts: 25

    i suppose that diskeeper was not installed properly or the other option would that the scheduling of the boot time defragmentar was not done as shown...i have installed diskeeper 10 and experienced no propblems for running the boot time defragmentar...
    i have windows xp with sp2..

    check the diskeeper settings..and also check with the boot up window services that may also help
  3. iss

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    I would agree with Senavis it si probably an installation error. I have XP pro SP2 and Diskeeper 10 and have had no problems running boot time defragmenting.
  4. Tedster

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    hmmmmm.. I have 9.0, never had an issue..... maybe a bug in 10.0?
  5. Louis Ceifer

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    thanks for your input

    Thanks for your advice but it is not an installation problem with diskeeper 10...i have installed it a few times now to make sure and have cleared the relevant registery entries just to be sure...maybe its a problem with my installation of xp?? Senavis...i apologise in advance for the stupid question but what exactly do you mean about checking the boot up windows services??? I also made sure i ran the boot time defrag exactly as per the looks like here isnt a solution for the problem....emailed diskeeper support but no reply as yet!!! thanks again for your help and taking the time to reply to my post
  6. plug_it_in

    plug_it_in TS Rookie

    Louis I have same problem did you ever get a fix ?

    I have WIndows XP SP2 Coporate Edition and get exactly the same message with boot-time. Did youget any answer from Diskeeper ? or did you manage to fix yourself ?

    I have Checkpoint (Zone Alarm) have disabled this and still get the same problem.
  7. DougCF

    DougCF TS Rookie

    Diskeeper problem

    There are many issues which could prevent being able to initiate Boot Time Defragmentation.
    Because of this would strongly recommend using phone support (818) 771-1600.
    One possibility is that your computer was not set for full Administrator Privileges when installed. Unless you changed your logon when reinstalling you would end up with the same problem every time.
    Other possibilities could be conflicts, etc. Whatever the problem, you're going to need to provide additional information according to your computer's configuration and software. That is why it would be best to talk to a technician who can ask the appropriate questions.
    Best regards, DougCF
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