Help Dr. Watson Debugger freezes my computer!!!

By Riz
Oct 15, 2005
  1. i cant access any of my document and "My Computer" when i try to the Dr. Watson Debugger Postmortem comes up saying that it was unable to run. Then my computer completely freezes. How do i fiz this problem?
  2. archie7

    archie7 TS Rookie

    possible fix


    I was having the same issues.

    I was able to fix it by removing the windows xp service pack 2. I wasn't able to go through the control panel, but was able to access the list of programs by going to start/run/appwiz.cpl, which brought up the add/remove programs window. The service pack should be towards the bottom of the list.

    While I was uninstalling the service pack I found this thread which could have an easier solution. I didn't try it as my problem was already solved, but I'd try this first before attempting the uninstall. The solution is towards the bottom of the thread.
  3. Riz

    Riz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will still have my original files and documents if i remove the windows xp service pack 2?
  4. archie7

    archie7 TS Rookie

    I had no problems with my files.
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