HELP Flashing HP laptop bios so I dont mess it up

By sticks57
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Hoping someone can help walk me thru this so I dont mess it up. The problem is a drivelock password on my sis-in-laws HP laptop which she cant remember. Since the drivelock is set in bios another friend said a new harddrive wouldn't help and I should flash the bios. Also in setup it does not let me go to drivelock to UN-set it. The laptop has no floppy drive so I guess I need to do this with a usb thumb drive. I dl'd the bios from HP and there are 2. One has the winflash utility and one don't. The help I need is which one should I use and how exactly do I get it on the thumb drive so it will do its thing in the laptop. I have roxio easy cd dvd creator if thats what I should use. Your help is much appreciated.
    p.s. the laptop is HP Pavillion 4500 w/amd athlon processor. Would shorting the MB jumpers remove the passwords?
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