Help for SATA pls....

By bramko
Jan 24, 2007
  1. Hi i am new here so excuse me if i'm green.
    So i have windows XP installed on my SATA drive *(devidiet on C,D, E drives)
    and i want to connect my old normal hdd's but is imbossible. I want to ask if i disconect my sata and put an old hdd and install windows xp, afteri can i conect my sata and read all information on it.
  2. Rick

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    Why is connecting your old hard drives impossible?

    If you disconnect your drive, put your old hard drive in, install Windows XP and connect your SATA drive then yes - you should be able to read your data. Keep in mind you may have to install SATA drivers for your new XP install to read your SATA drive.
  3. bramko

    bramko TS Rookie Topic Starter


    1st i'm not expert but i try to connect as master and as slave dhe old hdd's , but after that i install xp on my sata drive, and says invalid partition, i try all possible variants to connect old hdd's but the only option is to connect them and install xp on one of them, after to conect the sata. Insalling sata drivers on the install of windows., or...? I worry to not loose my sata information. for example if something goes wrong on the install if i connect my sata back will work or no?

    10x man
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