Help! Gainward 6800GT upgrade continuous loud beep on startup

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Well, decided to upgrade my graphics card due to low fps etc... used to run a Geforce 5700VE and managed to pick up a Ganward 6800GT Golden Touch from ebay. Hooked it all up, turned on the computer and got a loud continuous beep from the graphics card and no signal to my monitor. My only hunch is a lack of power although the fan did start spinning.

The rest of my system spec is:

S755Max Jetway Motherboard
AMD Athlon64 3000+
1.5 GB Ram (3200)
and my power supply is 'KY-450 ATX) 350watt.

Hopefully someone can help!

oh, also i put my old card back in and that works fine.

ALso, the card has got an Accelero X-1 cooling system now.


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Yes, this is likely power. The card uses 150W even before you OC it, and minimum requirements according to Gainward is 300W PSU. If you have the additional power connected, your PSU's 12V+ rail may not have enough amps to run it. The original cooling solution concentrates on the memory, which is good, since OC'g hits the memory hardest. BTW, if you have a "golden touch" you may have gotten touched by the eBayer. Check out the Golden Sample GLH here:


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Yeah it's really supposed to be called the Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample. I would pin it on the PSU too, since it seems like a crappy generic one. Replace it with a good quality one like and Antec, Fortron FSP or a CoolerMaster and it should work fine. Also, do you have the Molex connector plugged into the card? It seems like you don't, which may be the reason for the beeps.
Yeah, it is Golden Sample not Golden Touch! Sorry, doesnt seem to have a molex connector at all - but as for PSUs if i were to get a

Coolermaster iGreen 430W PSU ATX Form Factor 12V V2.2

Would that do the job? Sorry about being a bit stupid, not much experience with this kind of stuff!


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All 6800GT AGP cards have a 4 pin molex connector for additional power. This is because they require more power than the AGP slot can provide. Not having that molex connector plugged in would cause a post failure like you describe. Examine the pics in this article closely to verify what you have is what you thought you were getting:

The issue may not be the watts, but the total amps. Not really an expert on PSUs, but would imagine the 430W would have enough oomph. I hope you're borrowing a PSU & not buying one until you know the card actually works.:eek:


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the iGreen should be enough for your system.. if its got same/similar spec to the 500w version i'm running then 12V1/2@19A max should be plenty.. and to top it off, running only just one seagate HDD (known to be extremely quiet) is actually louder than the PSU itself..

i say good investment on this one. But anythings better than your current generic PSU.
got it working finally! sorted out the molex connector! awesome card, really pleased thanks for all your help guys.
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