Help gettin reciever to reconise 5.1 with Audigy 2

May 8, 2006
  1. I recently bought a Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS Platinum 7.1 sound card becuase i wanted to connect my yamaha 5.1 speakers/yamaha rx-v350 reciever up to my pc and expirence dolby digital sound in games.
    I put the card in and connected up the drive bay box, loaded up the drivers and setup the speakers in the THX setup console.
    all would go well you think?
    Well there not :(
    I have connected via optical spdif and my reciever only says its gettting a 2 channel sound input.
    How do i get my audigy 2 to send 5.1 sound to my dolby digital reciever ?
    Many thanksfor help :D
    I got the card from EBuyer

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    cant nobody help?
    i got this 5.1 straight away in my old socket a motherboard wehen connected via optical ( it was a abit nf7-s good ol board :) ) and used the onboard dolby live. i was hoping this soundcard would be better...
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    Audio Connections
    *Note: 99% of sound cards will not output a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital signal when playing a game. The only sound cards that will are the BlueGears X-Mystique 7.1 and some older Nforce 2 motherboards with Soundstorm onboard sound. Those two audio devices have one thing in common, Dolby Digital Live (DDL). DDL encodes all of the sounds from a PC into a Dolby Digital stream. Most sound cards, including the popular Creative Audigy and even the brand new X-Fi series will not do that. They will, however, pass through 5.1 sound from DVD’s. The bottom line, if you want to play games and transmit sound over the digital connection you need one of the sound cards just mentioned or you will only get two channel sound.
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