Help, How can I remove xp operating system off laptop when not activated

By terrie
Nov 4, 2005
  1. my son's laptop (provided by CENMAC) for children with disabilities. his sister downloadaed Kaaza, and we had a black screen with 'No O/S found'! my son cannot work @ school without his LT, & CENMAC can take take a long time to repair. i purchased a sealed copy of windows xp O/S from ebay for a dell laptop so he could use his LT. cut a long one short, CeNMAC has sent me the recovery & utility discs to recover the system, but I cannot get past the log on screen as it asks me to activate the xp o/s, i contacted microsoft to activate to no avail, i need to spend another hour with them in another dept who can help me remove the o's on the LT, so I can now put Max's laptop back as was before . but how can I remove the o/s as it will not let me even log in , i have tried the usual placing his recovery disc in but it won't complete running the disc drive begins to run as you can hear it then it stops. CENMAC have forwarded the recovery discs as they are piled under & i need to get my son's original o/s & drvs etc back on & the dell o/s off is there a way of doing this?

    kind regards


    forgive my rudeness, i am new here my name is Terrie, I work teaching ICT & am ict support curriculum/technical, but this has me baffled.

    I am from London & would like to say HI to you all!
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    Did you go into the BIOS and change the boot priority? It still sounds to me like it is trying to boot from the hard drive. Try pressing F1, F2, or DEL to get into the BIOS, once in there change the first boot to CD-ROM, then second boot to HDD. Post back if this helps.

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