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help~~i cant see any image untill windows is loaded

By kisarci ยท 5 replies
May 1, 2006
  1. Hey guys, im new to this forums but im hoping to get some of my questions asnwered.

    Let me start from the beginning so u guys know the whole backround of my home built computer. I bought these parts around april of 2005:

    mobo = asus a8n sli deluxe
    ram = 2x pc4000 crucial ballistix LED
    cpu = AMD 64 3800+ new castle
    video = evga 6800 GT
    psu = antec true 550
    sound = audigy 2 zs
    hard drive = WD raptor, 74 gb 10,000 rpm
    NEC 3550a dvd r/w
    IDE :slim maxtor 60gb 7200 rpmhd
    WD 80gb 7200rpm hd
    belkin ide condroller pci card with a WD 60 gb hardrive connected
    usb 2.0 iomega 80gb external HD
    ATI tv tuner, tv wonder pro

    this rig was running perfectly fine for about 8-10 months until i started having some problems. i had several problems but let me just fast forward to the biggest one.

    My motherboard started freezing at the first image that popped up and i couldnt even access the bios setup. i RMA'd it and the new board asus sent me seemed to work fine. i first just hooked up the raptor hardrive, ram, and the nececities to run windows xp prof. and it worked fine. then i installed my sound card, ide controller, tv tuner, and all those drivers installed correctly and was working fine. i then plugged in 2 of my 3 internal hardrives on IDE1 port. and this is when i started having problems.

    firstly, the screen would just TURN BLACK, until windows loaded and the first thing id see would be my desktop. i could not evne access bios because it was just black. so i unplugged 1 of my hardrives and then it worked fine and i saw the screen and thought that the other hardrive was just dead. i plugged in the "dead" one and unplugged the one that worked fine, and this also worked fine now. so i turned it off and plugged both back in and same problem occured. i unplugged both and STILL, screen was black. i turned the system off, flipped the power switch off on the psu. turned it back on, without any hardrive except the raptor connected, it ran fine.

    i tackled back and forth messing around with all 3 internal hardrives and i could NOT find out why they screen was turnign black on startup. i calle dup asus and they told me it was driver issues. so they told me to uninstall all drivers and install one at a time and find out the problem.

    i did as they told me and i STILL had the same problem. i even formatted and reinstalled windows and just plugged in one hardrive with no other extra pci slots used up and i had the same problem.

    i set jumpers to slave and cable select and both were still acting the same way. so i tried using all 3 hardrives on my other computer and all 3 worked perfectly fine with eachother. so i thought it had to do with some hardware compatibility on my motherboard but it worked perfectly fine before all my problems started occuring.

    i didnt want to rma and wait another 3-4 weeks for it to come back so i bought a bran new MSI sli-f motherboard. this worked PERFECTLY and flawlessly, UNTIL, i plugged in my hardrives....i had installed all my drivers correctly again and same problem occured. the screen is just turning black until windows loaded. i unplugged ALL hardrives, including my raptor and still the same problem occured. i powered down again and waited a few minutes and plugged just the raptor back in and it worked fine.

    im not sure if this aids the problem, but randomly, i get the windows blue screen of death saying memory problems. i have 2 sticks of the crucial ram and i tried switching them around in different slots, or using 1 stick.

    ive basically tried almost switching around everythign and only thign i can really think of is that my ram module is messed up. but still, would this cause the screen to go black? i dont think so cuz it works fine when i mess around with the hardware.

    im not sure if you guys understand fully my problem but ALL HELP is greatly appreciated. also, just ask me questions and ill try to answer them the best i can.

    thansk a bunch guys~~
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    power supplly is short
    you need 700watts
    will start there
  3. kisarci

    kisarci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    areu sure this fill fix it? cuz im short on cash and i dont wanan spend like 100 bucks on a new psu. if so, which one do u recomend?...ive seen some sli-ready psu's that are like 500-600 watts.
  4. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    even the geek squad could not be sure
    this is just my take on info you gave
    I have seen 550 watt fail and some cheap psu's that read 400 watt are not
    just built a unit and specs say 700 watt and yours pulls more
    do some research from MB website
    if the machine powers up with a drive out or some other hardware removed
    and I have the same issue happen with servers
    my post code beeps show need for more power do you get code beeps on boot

    by the way most retailers will take psu back
    I don't practice it I know people who do
  5. kisarci

    kisarci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i dont get code beeps on boot, just the black screen. and when u mean "most retailers will take psu back," do u mean i can get a full refund? its with antec by the way.
  6. kisarci

    kisarci TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i was actually looking at that new aspire psu, the 680watt one with the LED's. anyone know anything about those?
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