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HELP!! I got a virus and my laptop wont boot up!

By blondi ยท 6 replies
Oct 11, 2006
  1. I got a virus yesterday that my pestpatrol picked up, it was Command Services. I sent the 15 registry keys that it was showing me to be deleted by the program, and I ran it again after a few minutes of doing some other stuff and it was there again. I deleted that too. When I switched on the laptop tonight it wouldn't boot up into Windows It kept giving the the screen to boot up into normal mode or Safe mode etc. I let it boot up to normal execept that it WOULDN'T. The screen just kept on doing this over and over and it wouldn't boot up into normal mode. I didn't want to do the safe mode because I am not sure where to go from there if I do. This laptop is new to me, I have had it for about a year now, it's a Sony vio, but the warranty ran out a long time ago.

    I need some advice and help and wondered if it was the Command Service that did something to my laptop? Also, since I couldn't use it, I went to my desktop which was clean of viruses the last time I used it about 2 weeks ago.
    I did my usual start up virus checks and would you believe it but my pest patrol, picked up the same virus! I was scared to delete them, but I put the keys that it was showing me into Quarantine. I also ran it again and it did exactly the same as my laptop and the virus showed up again with 2 more registry keys, which I also quarantined. I am now too scared to turn off my computer in case it goes like the other did. Please can somebody help me with both my laptop problem and also this desk top in showing me how to get it off my computer?

    Do you think that it WAS the Command Services that shut down my laptop?

    I would certainly appreciate all the help I can get as I am completely on my own with this. thanks a lot :)
  2. hesham1516

    hesham1516 TS Rookie

    insert your xp disc, install it as you usually would, and it will detect you already have a copy of windows installed and will want to know if you would like to run a repair install on it, say yes etc, and it will just replace the windows files & registry keys etc.

    should hopefully work after that,
    good luck ^^
  3. blondi

    blondi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To Hesham

    You are so kind hon, however, I don't have an xp DISK other than a Start up recovery disk and also another recovery disk though I didn't make those, they came with the laptop which I bought off my sister last year. Now there IS another Sony Via Software Disk too, it just says "For windows". Usually the computer comes with windows already installed, which I believe this one did, so where do I go from here now?
    Do you think that it is the Sony disk that may have the xp for windows on it?
    If not, then I will have to wait until my sister comes (thankfully tomorrow) and phone her before she leaves home and ask her to bring an XP disk with her (if she has one)
    looking forward to a reply soon :)
  4. hesham1516

    hesham1516 TS Rookie

    the recovery discs always have a copy of the operating system, however theres a risk it will delete your previous data 1st, i sugest you try to download a copy of windows, and use the serial from the underside of the laptop, seing as its the same serial it shouldnt be illegal either.

    good luck again ^^
  5. hesham1516

    hesham1516 TS Rookie

    If not, then I will have to wait until my sister comes (thankfully tomorrow) and phone her before she leaves home and ask her to bring an XP disk with her (if she has one)
    Also - if I have to re-install my windows I will lose everything I have won't I ?

    ah, yea wait for your sister, saves all teh hastle ^^, repair instilations do exactly what they say, repair, nothing more really :p
  6. blondi

    blondi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Hesham!

    Thanks Hesham for all your good advice. I decided to give it another go since I don't have an XP disc to see what else I could do. Well....It didn't work again, but this time I noticed an option as well as the "safe mode" to boot up with, which said - "go to the last good configuration you had before" - or something like that. I clicked on that one and lo and behold it started up ok. Don't know what is going to happen though when I shut down again.

    Now, can you help me with the virus..."COMMAND SERVICES" It must be some sort of virus as my Pest Patrol keeps finding it, and it's too hard to get rid of. Do you know how to do this permanently short of creating a restor point to see if that will help? I have googled this virus and don't really find any helpful information. Problem is I feel it may have come back again into the laptop, (I don't know yet, so I will have to wait a bit to find out) However, it is still on THIS computer...my desktop, so something has to be done! I can put them into quarantine, but what's the good of that if it opens up every time I switch on the computers?
    thanks once again hon!
    blondi :)
  7. hesham1516

    hesham1516 TS Rookie

    your computer most likely wont start up because you deleted an important registry key, thats all.
    there might be a way to stop the virus spreading at startup,
    look for a program called hijackthis, let it scan and post your results here, im going to have to leave soon, but im sure someone else here will know which ones to remove. however, some of the items listed will be pretty obvious they are the cause, but just incase, leave it to someone else to tell you if they are needed or not ^^
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