Help I have a small doubt!

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Hi there,
I bought a Palit 7600GT in January this year back when i knew squat about computers. I realise now that a lot of the other 7600GT's are clocked at 560/1400 Mhz whereas mine is at 560/700. Th Palit site doesnt say anything.
I looked all over the net but found mixed up or no mention of the clocks.
Can you tell me how to find out?
If anyone else with a Palit 7600GT could respond with their clocks it would be even better.

Am I being ripped off?
I still got the receipt.

Its a Palit 256Mb 7600GT DDR3
Speeds when i bought it -
Core clock: 560Mhz
Memory clock: 700Mhz
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