HELP, I need drivers for a HP DV8000 notebook

By sean2002
Apr 23, 2006
  1. I need some serious help here, I just got my DV8000t Core Duo T2500, 1GB DDR2, Geforce 7400 go, intel wireless, bluetooth, 80GB sata HD.

    I bought it with Windows XP home b/c I have a MSDN subscription through my work thinking the first thig I would do is load XP pro on it. I went and powered it on, made sure everything works, restarted and continued to load my copy of Windows XP Pro and deleting every partition including recovery one.

    Problem one, setup would not reconize my serial ata hard drive, there was a setting in the bios to disable native sata support (warning of performance hit), that allowed me to get windows installed. I have found drivers for the wireless, wired network adapters, video, sound, and touch pad. Now I'm stuck with the bluetooth and sata drivers, the basic intel ones say no compatable hardware found. After doing research I found out the only sata drivers that will work are the ones from HP which are on HD in SWSETUP folder. ( I'm pretty sure that's it), can some please point me to a place where I can download these sata drivers and possibably the bluetooth onse too?
  2. Peddant

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    This person has a few ideas,including the Intel/SATA issue HERE
  3. DeltaWarp

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    sean2002, I got a cto dv8000 as well, with Media Center Edition XPPro. But because they ripped Domain support and cached Credentials out of that version, I had to go to at least XP Pro, So I went to w2k3 instead. Now, most of the drivers at HP's Site:

    are for XP Pro, bbut they are working for me.

    The Touchpad is causing a freeze / crash, I have to still figure that out.
    I am also trying to slip Media Center into w2k3, here is my reference for that...

    Did you get the media center and the capture card as well?

    Have you found a site that might have w2k3 drivers for the touchpad?
  4. Greg850

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    I have a fix for this , you download the driver from hp web site it will install its self on a floppy disc and then buy a usb external floppy drive . Then install windows press f6 to get the driver screen up . Here is the werid part it only works if the hard drive is blank .I tryed doing this over the drive with xp and it would not load the driver until I put the sata drive in a desktop and deleted the partition .
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