Help identifying emachines T3642 mobo

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Jan 8, 2008
  1. I just bought an emachines T3642 just so I could try out Vista for the first time and see if I like it (the T3642 is on sale at Office Depot for $250, after $100 rebate. Hope that goes thru. The T3642 has an Athlon 64, socket AM2 single core (not dual) 4000+. Anyway, first thing I got it out of the box and popped open the side to get a look at the motherboard. According to the label on the motherboard it's a Foxconn MCP61SM2A-RS2H. So I went to the Foxconn website to see what I could do with this thing in terms of another CPU and memory. Well, the Foxconn specs for the MCP61SM2A-RS2H motherboard list it as having 4 DIMM slots and capable of holding 4 gb max ram at 800 mhz. This motherboard has only two ram slots. Also, the MCP61SM2A-RS2H motherboard does not have NVIDEA graphics, shich this one does. It really does, first thing on the computer from me after AVG was Everest home 2.2, CPUID and GPU-Z. There are four motherboards listed on the Foxconn site that have NVIDEA graphis, and of those only one has only two DIMM slots. All the motherboards say they can handle X64 CPUs and all list a max ram of 8 gb. What I want to know is, did emachines get a special board version of the Foxconn MCP61SM2A-RS2H with only two ram slots or is it the other board and the sticker on this one is not correct. Since this is a single core processor and the fastest single core that will fit in an AM2 socket, there would be no point in replacing the CPU if the memory is only going to run on a single channel. Is this right? How do I tell if the board will sue the memory correctly if I get a dual core CPU. Also, need to know whether to go with 2gb (1gb X 2 sticks) ram or 4 gb (2 sticks X 2 gb). Help Help to all of you that know more than I! Oh, yes, and I am aware of the power supply debate in regards to the e-machines. This is not my only computer (there are 5 right here where I am sitting) but if I like vista (at first glance it bugs me being so used to XP Pro and I hate the idea that the license is tied to the motherboard) so I can play with the emachines box.
  2. raybay

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    The eMachines motherboards are usually copies made under license from the original manufacturer, but built by Tri-Gem of Korea.
    I strongly recommend you return the eMachine, and get something reliable. It has the strongest, longest history of unreliability and early failure of any computer built since the Packard Bell. With a motherboard failure rate exceeding 50 percent in the first 2.5 years of ownership.
  3. ShipMaster

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    I agree with Raybay, the eMachines at my school die about 1 every 2 months.
  4. linden77

    linden77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Foxconn by Tri-gem?

    Okay, I know that the emachines are not much, but I have three other good computers and this one is so I can get a firsthand look at Vista before i build my next box. So if this one dies (Not the computer I'm on now, the emachine is running on the table across the room over there) it won't kill me. Might be a fight about warranty, but I'm up for that most of the time. I don't want to buy a Vista license unless I really like it because it's linked to the motherboard. So I will play with this cheap (250) box for a while. Anyway, got any idea about the mobo. Are you saying that the mobo was built by Tri-gem under license from Foxconn?
  5. Dcxdan

    Dcxdan TS Rookie

    Yes, I agree on eMachines

    I also saw the eMachines T3642 on sale at Office depot for $250. It sure had a pretty good price, but my memories of my eMachines W4065 I bought in 2004 sure reared it's monster head. That machine lasted about 2 1/2 years before the power supply went "south", taking the motherboard with it. No more eMachines junk for me. Just my 2 cents worth :)
  6. linden77

    linden77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I changed the power supply

    I did go ahead and get the $250 e-machines T3642. It's a single core processor, looks like the fastest single core that AMD made. The motherboard is a proprietory based on a MSI board but since it's a single core processor they elinminated the second channel of RAM slots. I changed the power supply in this, added a 60 video card and increased the RAM to 2 gig and it works pretty well. I had the power supply left over from a previous build so all I was out was about $100 for the video card and the Ram. It works pretty well, faster than my olf Athlon XP 3200+ and since it already had Vista loaded I am getting to play with Vista now. It does run one program that I desperately wanted to run that crashed on every WIN XP machine I tried it on. So that was a definite plus. The program was ZOOM, by Broderbund. It's the first "The Print Shop" program that I have been happy with but this one really works well for making photo cards anyway, which is what I wanted it for. So this inexpensive machine is serving its intended purpose. Not sure I like Vista all that well, but I'm still reserving judgement. Vista does have a lot more safeguards built into it, but that also makes for more mouse clicks to get something done. With Vista, you do get more opportunities to stop before the point at which you wish you had not clicked that last button.
  7. Dcxdan

    Dcxdan TS Rookie

    Good for You

    I'm glad that the eMachines system is working out for you. I was toying with the idea of buying the T3642 and then trying to use my old Windows XP restore CDs from my eMachines W4065. But guess I would still have to find hardware drivers for the system.

  8. linden77

    linden77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    E-machines T3642 and Win XP

    Why not just get the e-machines and just use the Vista that's on it? I put the settings wherever you do it at in vista, can't remember exactly where to "maximize for performance" which I guess is where you turn off the fancy Aeroglass thing. Even as the T3462 came out of the box it ran pretty well then, including the program that wouldn't run on my XP machines. It was plenty fast for applications, doubt if it would handle much for games, though, but I don't play games on my computers (such an old fart, I am (49). I don't hink you would have to worry about the power supply if you didn't add a video card, the ones that seemed to take out the motherboards don't seem to be the same as is used in the T3462, as far as I can tell from my research. I changed it mostly because I upped the ram and added the video card. This thing is not a screamer, but it's plenty respectable for most things. I mean, it was before I added the video card and the ram. I ran it the way it was for a month or so before I upgraded it. I built some pretty fast machines for my kids last fall and for the stuff that I do on a computer I could not tell the difference. I mostly do web research, accounting, word-processing and such, so really it doesn't take much for me, but it was noticably faster out of the box than my old faithful Athlon XP3200+ with 2 gig ram, Win XP and a 256 meg video card. I mean menu opening and switching between programs and having multiple programs running and such. So far I haven't encountered enough annoyances with vista for me to take it off of thei machine, and the vista license id about half of the cost of the T3642 if you were to buy vista home premium, which is what comes on it. The onboard graphics on this thing is one of the faster onboard videos out there as of a couple of months ago. there are some faster ones out and coming out soon, I hear, but that will always be the case with computers. You just have to figure out if it will do what you want to do. Good luck!
  9. Dcxdan

    Dcxdan TS Rookie

    eMachines chitter chatter

    Thanks for your thoughts on the eMachines T3642. I will now look closer at that eMachines system, although it might be past the sale at Office Depot. What type of memory did you put in your T3642?. And HEY, what's this stuff about being an old fart at 49 years old? Well... I must be a real GEEZER at almost 59 years old - Ha Ha :) That said, I have been playing with computers longer than most 20 year olds. Anyway, same here on the desire not to play games on the computer - real life in general is far more entertaining as a "game" than doing it on a computer.
  10. raybay

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    Our shop has worked on over 500 Thinkpad desktop and laptop eMachines.
    Our technicians believe that almost any computer choice is a better choice, has better value, and will last longer than the average eMachines desktop. The T-3642 is among those we do not favor.
    If you already have it, change the power supply to something a lot better, and cross your fingers.
  11. captaincranky

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    Halleliuja..... Wink, Wink..........

    The Emachines T-5026 forever RB, forever. LOL
  12. TonySinclair

    TonySinclair TS Rookie

    I got the T3642 and I need to do some upgrades, but I can't figure out how to get the panel off to access the memory. All my previous desktops were easy, but this has me stumped.

    Anyone have or know where I can get instructions on how to get inside this beast?
  13. nimbindobbs

    nimbindobbs TS Rookie

    eMachines D5239

    I purchased a D5239, and would like to share some information with you. It also has a MCP61SM2MA-RS2H motherboard. It is made by Foxconn. It appears to only vary from their line up by the removal of two RAM slots. I decided to take a chance and flash it with Foxconn's BIOS. I used version 662W1P42. Guess what? It worked! I had to reinstall Windows Vista, cause it blue screened at boot, and then had to use the OEM activation trick, cause the activation is tied into the BIOS, but it worked! There are a few things to mention however: It doesn't seem 100% stable. I am not sure if it is the BIOS change over, or if it is because I am using the latests version (perhaps it has a bug). I am going to next flash it to the oldest one, and work my way up to see if i can find one that doesn't feel "funny" to me at all. I have been looking for other users with this mainboard, and would like to share information with our expirences. Any other input would be great. Thanks.
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