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Help! infected by Trojan.Zlob-X.a?? :S

By pokipop
Nov 30, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    This morning, while I was at school, my brother was on my computer. When I came back, I have this virus...everytime I open internet window or search on Google, I get this pop-up:
    Critical System Warning!
    Your system is probably affected with the latest version of Trojan.Zlob-X.a
    Full system optimization will greatly increase your computer's performance and prevent data loss.
    Click OK to download antispyware software!

    I don't really know how to remove this...and my brother is reluctant to tell me what he downloaded to get this trojan. Also, this virus spams my Google searches with porn and it is very difficult because most times clicking a link brings you to a porn site. Inappropriate pop-ups appear too while on the web.

    Any help will be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

    Ooo I managed to get rid of the trojan :) I just scanned with FixIEDef and it deleted it for me. I ran a check on my registry, etc and its gone. I can use my browser properly now.~
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