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Jan 12, 2005
  1. Can anyone answer this? The contents of the recent folder under the profile, does that show exactly what was viewed or opened that specific day, and time?

    Can something be within recent on a particular day & time stamp, and not necessarily been opened, or viewed on that day or time?

    :giddy: does that sound cooky :confused:

    thanks in advance
  2. ManyVoicesOfMe

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    It's basically just a list in descending order(newest to oldest) of the last documents or files opened. It doesn't mean that they were opened that very day. And if you right-click one of the files and go to properties, I think the "last modified" or something like that text is like a timestamp.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    No. It depends on applications used to open files. Some add files to the recent documents, some don't.
    Yes. It's just a normal directory, "My Recent Documents" in user profile directory, with shortcuts to documents. You can add and remove files and shortcuts manually there if you want to.
    No (what does it mean?) :giddy:
    You're welcome.
  4. Vigilante

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    It's true some programs use the folder and some don't. It IS just a normal folder like any other folder. The files in there are normal shortcuts like any other shortcut. But if you view the "Date Created" in the properties of the shortcut, that is the date and time the file(s) was opened. Because that is the date and time the file was created. The "date modified" would be the LAST time the file was opened. In case the same file has been opened more than once.
  5. techy1

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    thanks everyone. :wave:

    That helped. :grinthumb
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