Help installing graphics card PLEASE.

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May 2, 2006
  1. Hi, I am totally new to the world of graphics cards, and upgrading computers.

    I have a dell dimensions 2400 series computer. I just bought a GeForce 5500FX graphics card (PCI). The graphics card I am currently using is a intel (R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV or intel (R) Extreme, and it is intergrated, which I am not to sure what that means. I need help installing my geforce, and also I need to know if this card is going to be compatible with my motherboard.
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    Integrated means that your computer has a video card on-board. literrally ON its BOARD. Notice if you look inside the computer that you connect your monitor directly to the motherboard.

    You have purchased a PCI video card, so you'll have to insert it into one of the PCI slots on your board. Usually you can do this and the motherboard will pick it up automatically.

    Simply flic the OFF switch on the power supply so that no power can come through. Open your case and ground yourself (touch a piece of metal on the case) to remove any static. Insert the card into one of the PCI slots (there's 3 of them on a dimension and they are white. (you may need to unscrew one of the thin metal coverings on the back of the case. each slot has its own cover). Before you close the case, make sure the CARD fan is plugged into the 3 prong tiny outlet on its card. Now move your monitor cable from your Integrated Video port, to its new home on the video card.

    That should be good enough for the computer to recognize it. But you probably got a DRIVER CD which should be installed (or downloaded from the website) as soon as windows boots up, to make the card work at full performance.
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    Integrated means it is part of the mobo. So you are using the basic graphics input. If you open your machine up (which I believe if you bought from dell will void the warrently you will see that where your moniter is plugged in is directly into the mobo and not through another piece that would be on the AGP or a PCI-E.

    Finish Later. It might be you have a mobo that cannot upgrade it's graphics card. My sister has a Dell that you cannot.
  4. kirock

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    Turn -off the PC, remove side of case. Install the card in a spare PCI slot, (ensure it's seated into the slot properly). Leave the monitor plug in the on brd graphics port. Reboot PC and enter your BIOS (press DEL immediately after PC reboots). Disable on brd graphics in VGA display settings menu. SAve and exit BIOS. Turn-off PC, plug monitor into 5500FX card, reboot. Allow Windows to find new hardware and allow it to install default drivers. Now install the drivers from Nivida by going to

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    Here is a link with some pictures....

    do not forget to do what kirock said about going into the BIOS and disabeling onboard graphics. For some dells you have to hit F2 instead of delete to enter BIOS. Usually on Dells it will say "press ____ to enter setup" on the screen during boot up.

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    Alright thanks all of you, setting it up very soon.
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