help installing graphics card

By D@nny
Apr 6, 2006
  1. I can't seem to find my card in the manual and I can find any help to install it Its not the 6800 Ultra AGP its the 6800 GS AGP I think It has only one connection for the Psu and came for a power dongle in a Y to a plug in the bottom of te Y part into the graphics card and the other one into an available 4 straight line connector on my mobo leaving the other one empty Could that work. Its called the P7 the white straight line 4 slot connector
  2. D@nny

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    I plugged it in untill it fit snugly screwed it in. Thing is I didn't read anything when the pc started up. I mean I right clicked desktop and settings and it was the default card. I use the add new hardware wizard it said it couldnt' find anything. I put in teh driver disk and now its installing it I guess. Should it have already been found before having to put in the driver disc? Its my6800 gs card for windows xp. It says it was succesfully installed. Didn't ask for a system restart though lol. I still dunno if i plugged the power connector in right with the power dongle;.
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