HELP!~Laptop won't connect to the internet

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Jul 29, 2005
  1. Ok here is the problem. I have a toshiba satellite laptop and I have it connecte via ethernet cable to a router. The problem is it won't bring up or connect to the internet. When I go to network settings it shows the connection and it gives me an ip address but I still can't bring up the internet or my msn messenger won't connect either. I reloaded xp twice to try to figure out the problem and it still is the same. Other people in the house who are connected by the same router have internet I am the only one who can't seem to get it on. It's weird becaue it does give me an ip in the network settings for the ethernet card so I don't understand why it still won't connect. Can anyone help me out eiwth this please.

    Thanks in advance
  2. zephead

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    perhaps there is on offending setting on the router. chekc out the 'filters' section of the router's setup, becuase the specified ip and/or mac addressed listed here can be denied internet access, depending ont the router and it's settings. you should try pinging the DNS servers from the laptop, but use the DNS numbers from one of the working computers.
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    If you do ipconfig /all from a command prompt what do you get...

    do you get a default gateway and DNS servers listed. if not your laptop is not pulling the correct info from the router.

    Typical home network router ip address is
    try to connect to the webinterface for your router go to
    the user/password defaults to no user and admin as the password.. if it hasn't been changed.

    What kind of internet service do you have... DSL/CABLE.... PPPOE connection etc.... has this ever worked....

    are there any other computers hooked up to this router, and are they able to connect.
  4. IceManU

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    here is what I get on startup

    Hey there this is the errors that pop up on my load up of my laptop. Now before you read it I want o let you know that I hasve pissed off the guy in charge of the router and stuff at the placeI am stayint so let me know honest oppinions about if he's blocking me or not.
    All I know is I can't access the internet anymore and I reloaded and fdisked my system twice.

    client mac addr:00 00 39 9k b4 e8
    no dhcp or prox dhcp offers were received

    pxe e61 media test failu8re
    pxe mof exiting intel pxe rom

    what does this mean?
  5. zephead

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    i can tell you that he would be able to block your computer, quite easily actually. you should try speaking to the guy in charge of said router about the problem.
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