HELP! Loud beeping when processor being used

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I have an AMD XP 3200+ (barton 400mhz FSB), on a Gigabyte 7N-400 pro 2 mobo, with 1 gig of memory and 200 gigs of hd space. I also have a unique setup so that when I boot my computer I use two powersupplies to run my computer. Both of them are antec (350w and a 430w). I am running windows xp with sp2 and the updates, however I have one major problem. The computer will make a very loud beeping noise when I start running a lot of processor consuming programs and eventually it will even restart. Even if I am just runnning one program, for instance half life 2 it will start making a very loud beeping noise and then it will restart. I thought it was because I might be overheating, so I changed my old cpu fan, which was some thermaltake fan good for up to amd xp 3200 or higher and I replaced it with the OEM cpu fan for the AMD XP 3200. Still the same problem. I am starting to think that it is because of my video card which is a Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra (ti 4600) is overheating, because it normally happens when I am playing computer games. One last comment: I am really skeptical that it is the processor overheating. I am not overclocking my computer. I also have 7 case fans running, so I would assume the case is rather cool. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a ton!


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It may well be a heat problem with your graphics card.

Have you tried cleaning the heat sinks and fans on both your cpu and graphics card? as a build up of dust and debris can cause heat problems.

If it does turn out to be your graphics card that is overheating, then you might want to consider getting some additional cooling.

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Try running Motherboard Monitor 5 to see what your temperatures are while running programs. It sounds like a motherboard over temperature alarm, most likely the CPU, do you have a good heatsink/fan seated properly with good heatsink compound? Check in your BIOS under the temperature alarm settings too. They could be set too low.

Uh, why two power supplies?
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