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By dbinkley
Sep 24, 2005
  1. I've been working on a project on and off for over a year as money has become available. I started out with a PII 233mhz Lunchbox computer DPS-9000 to be exact. After having to replace the LCD, motherboard, PSU,..well pretty much everything. I even had to take the innards out of a 450 watt PSU and adapt them into the 300 watt PSU that came with the computer, to try to alleviate my problems with heat and clearance between the PSU and CPU. Needless to say the case is very tight. So now I currently have about 1-1/2" clearance compared to 1/2" before, between the PSU and CPU. Still even after all I've done the CPU slowly but steadily climbs to near 80 C + before I shut it down ( it will shut down if I let it). I've tried new thermal paste going with the stock paste to AS, I've taken the mobo and CPU out so many times its sad, and no matter what I do I still can not keep the CPU from eventually shutting down from the heat. It takes it a while to get to that point, but just as sure as the sun will set to night and rise tomorrow it will overheat and shut down. I've been thinking of replacing the heat sink, but my options are limited. I've added an additional exhasut fan dirrectly above the CPU to try to help, but still no luck. According to the BIOS the cpu is recieving between 1.58 - 1.60 V.

    My computer :
    Athlon Sempron 2600+ @ 333mhz FSB
    Spire SPA55B0 RackSper VII 1u heat sink (all copper) fan turns @ 6,000rmp
    K7N2 Delta 2 mobo
    1GB of PC2700 DDR w/heat sinks
    WD 80GB HDD ATA 133
    DVD CD/RW Burner
    Geforce 4 Ti 4200 w/ 128mb DDR
    Mad dog 5.1 sound card
    3-1/2" FDD

    I'm out of ideas guys. I was thinking of adding a intake fan in the empty 5-1/4" drive bays. I haven't seen anything that would fit this bill, but someone might know of something that would work. Could just be the HS is junk. I have no previous experience with Spire so I'm not sure. I do know that all the fans are turning. The capacitors that are around the HS are not touching it( I've heard that they can raise the temp 50 C ). There is a diode or somthing that comes from under the ZIF socket that is touching the CPU, I don't know if that is causing my problems or not. I initally thought it might be a temperature probe, shrug. I have one intake fan and 1 exhaust fan + the PSU fan. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.
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