Help making my Ram seen as my C: drive

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Feb 26, 2005
  1. What I would like to do is make my 1 gig Ram seen as my Hard drive. When I go on a browser what they do is they send pop ups and cookies to my C drive temp files and I would like all that to go to my Ram so it can cache it out while I am online. When I turn off my computer I want it all to dump my files like Ram does when you shut down. I was told this is a good way for you to get rid of malware that is attacking your Registry and other parts of your computer.

    Thank you for your assistance
  2. tom_pearson

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    never heard of anything like this before.... another good way of doing this sort of procedure is explained on this website.

    Basically editing the autoexec.bat to automatically delete the temp files everytime the computer it turned on.
  3. Pleasantfella

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    Thanks for Quick Responce

    I read through that article and it has some very good points. I Still have heard there could be away to make your browser think that your Ram is your C drive SO maybe someone else has heard of this too.

    Thank you for your help
  4. SNGX1275

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    You'd need to make a RAMdrive. I know its not that difficult to do, but I think you need 3rd party software to do that. But anyway once you get that setup you'd jsut set your browser to use that drive and whatever directory to store Temp files in.
  5. tom_pearson

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    ah, yeh i that would work. im not an expert :)
  6. Pleasantfella

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    Ram as C drive

    I have been talking to a couple of IT guys they as well say it is possible but not heard how to directly do this. They said it doesn't take a third party software but can be done with in the use of windows. They are just now sure how to accomplish it. i am sure someone will cross our paths on here that will have some ideas how to do this so I guess for you guys to keep watching for that EXPERT to show up an help us all out.

    Thanks for taking a look at the thread an sharing your ideas though.
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