Help me all who can

By Mdeamdea
May 17, 2007
  1. Hi, I recently got a Dell Latitude D610 from a friend who's mom works at a school. She gave it to me and said I can do what I want with it but I cant log in and I know the BIOS and HDD password and all other passwords on the BIOS setup menu but no logon is there a way to wipe the drive or reset the whole computer from the Boot menu or F8 or F12 if anyone has a way to help me plz email it to me at I would greatly appreciate it
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    Format the HD and install your operating system.
  4. Mdeamdea

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    I tried the shorting method and now it wont turn on when I hit the power button the green light comes on and like 5 seconds later the light cuts off and I dont have the disk in order to format the HD bc someone gave me the laptop
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