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Jun 11, 2006
  1. :confused: HELP PLEASE: FORCEWARE NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER ( The Little Globe Icon ) a.k.a. NVIDIA Web-Based Interface, try to fix this one all mighty guru's please... I have it currently installed on the cpu however, whenever I try and run it I get a constant line 65 error and another line 51 error. Annoying as hell. I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it through the motherboard's cd, but still no good. This all started when I could not get to a certain couple web pages due to the ethernet firewall setting (default medium) so since I have McAfee, I went ahead and turned off the ethernet firewall. Now I could browse the web fine, perfect infact, but that is when this dumb problem started with the script errors on the FORCEWARE NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER. What do I do ???
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    What kind of firewall is it? Zonealarm?
    Also please post in the appropriate forums.

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    All I know is that when you go into "little globe" so to say The top of the page says NVIDIA FORCEWARE NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER and it give for smaller tabs bellow home ,ethernet, firewall, administration in which I can't get into any because of those error scripts 65 and 51. By the way, nice to know you're enlisted and work for a living (hoo raah !!!)

    And I couldn't help but notice you are stationed at Ft. Hood, My Brother was stationed there SPC David Paul Swenson, he died last year, I doubt you knew him...But hey who knows...
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    there are recent drivers for this - get the latest ones and see if that helps.

    Also please don't private email me unless it's extremely important. I know you have a problem, and I will try to help here, but lately I have been getting all kinds of private emails all of a sudden from people wanting help. Post in the forums, you'll get a quicker response and there are lots of other friendly people like me who may also be able to help. I'm not an expert on everything! take care. :)

    I have only been stationed at Fort hood for 6 months. I have spent most of my Army career either at Fort Bliss or Korea. I miss Fort Bliss a lot. Fort Hood sucks.

    Where are you stationed?
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