Help me destroys this

By edddy701
Apr 14, 2008
  1. i have a bad virus on my dell 1150 i have the pc- antispyware,also i have pop ups that say system intergerty scan wizard and scecurity system protection control panel its making my laptop run slow very slow im lucky im able to do this
  2. baboox2

    baboox2 TS Rookie

    Am sure someone on this forum can help.If.......

    Hello eddy

    Am a noob here too but just wanted to suggest that maybe if you posted in the right section
    TechSpot OpenBoards > OS & Software > Security and the Web it would get you better responses.

    Meanwhile you can try a download of bitdefender from the official site and choose a trial option. Will run for 30 days and may help to solve your problem

  3. edddy701

    edddy701 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you

    thank you so much will consider the advice
  4. rikkigrysko

    rikkigrysko TS Rookie

    i use spybot, sometimes u have to go into safe mode and kill the programs that are running before you can delete them. sometimes internet explorer will load a dll that loads an exe file that keeps re-infection your system. using hijackthis can stop those kinds of loads or things that are in your startup reg file. also spraying lysol directly into your powersource while its on can help too
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