Help me find a good tutorial for learning Assembly Language

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Feb 3, 2008
  1. I'm trying to learn Assembly language but all the tutorials that I've read on the Internet are so confusing. They just go on and on about registers and bytes and don't tell me how to use them in a real debugger. I want to actually learn what they do in real life as I'm learning. Do you guys know any tutorials that are good and easy to understand? I know how to program in C++, Java, and Basic but I don't think that will help me with learning Assembly.
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    Uhm.. If you don't know what registers and bytes are, then assemply is plain useless. You might as well say "I want to learn C++, but I don't want to know about variables or classes".

    Also, in 99.9% of the cases you don't need to go to the assembler level in debugging. Modern debuggers are advanced enough to let you step through source code and examine variables at the same time.

    You need assembler skills if you are debugging routines with no source available or if you suspect compiler errors.
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    A few things
    • When you say you "want to learn assembly language" I'll assume you're mainly interested in learning the concepts and might want to tackle the assembly language for something like the 8086 chip (not the full instruction set for a modern day multi-pipeline processor)
    • I assume you want a debugger to use in addition to all that reading about registers and bytes so you can check it out and test/visualize what a tutorial is talking about.
    • You might find that learning C (vs. C++, Java, etc.) more helpful towards understanding basic assembler
    • I assume you want something free or cheap ;) (don't we all!)
    Here are some things you can check out (I can't attest to any of them though. I found 'em by searching online then skimming the search results for things that sounded somewhat on target for what you are looking for). And, by the way, if you do your own searches you might also try including the keyword "emulator" (a debugger which is designed to run on a different platform/processor then the one it's targetting)
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    Almost no one uses assembly language anymore as it is not productive and
    large projects are a nightmare.

    Any C language compiler will product better code that a high percentage of assembler codes can manage.

    For educational purposes -- fine. Practicality, forget it.
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    The tutorials u posted seem better than the ones I found. The instructions are quite clear and easy to understand. Thanks.
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