Help me find some decent Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

By Sir_Lancelot
Dec 19, 2005
  1. Im wanting to see if it would be possible to get some surround sound speakers a minimum of 100watts, that have wireless speakers, for less than 250 dollars, they have to be wireless cause the way my room is set up and the fact im gonna put them with the television and theres no way to rearrange the room I cannnot run wires so wireless is required

    However if Wireless 5.1 speakers cannot be found for less than 250 dollars Ill settle for some 2.1 speakers.
  2. beerabuser30

    beerabuser30 TS Enthusiast Posts: 200

    I have a set of Harmon Kardon and they are very loud and crystal clear and they were around a 100 bucks.
  3. Sir_Lancelot

    Sir_Lancelot TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    are they 2.1 or 5.1 whats the watts, and how big are the speakers? and are the speakers wireless I dont have the space to run wires.
  4. beerabuser30

    beerabuser30 TS Enthusiast Posts: 200

    Just 2.1 with a sub. I wasn't suggesting mine exactly but the Harmon Kardon brand, It is the only brand of speakers I will ever own.
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