Help Me I'm Married To The Pc Destroyer!!!the Miminator

By saron88
Feb 26, 2005
  1. OK This is painfull to say but my wife got mad at me and threw my computer across the room then proceeded to jump up and down on the case puke: I thought it was dead for sure but I put a new power supply in and it started right up. Its been running slowly now and i gives me a " hard drive problem...consult troubleshooting manual from manufacture", I have no manual.
    Today I ran an ati diagnostics util and i reports I have only :
    233 Mhz cpu and 32 Mb ram
    my sys info says:
    2000 Mhz cpu and 254 Mb ram

    I cant afford to replace all this crap but wanted exp input
    could it be settings? reinstall drivers? reinstall hardware?
    GET A NEW WIFE??? :evil:
    she feels real bad but that doesnt give me more RAM ( ha!)

    please any suggestions!
  2. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    First I get a new Wife ! lol

    YOur Insides may and may not be ok depends on the case you have it in .Your hard drive might of just came loose from the IDE cable you can open up the case and see it the ribbon cable is loose or it has power,while you are in there check out everything make sure nothing else is broken it will be quite obvious if there is.

    Let us know
  3. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    Yeah, get a new wife or a girlfriend. Naw, just kidding, things will happen, I guess.

    In addition to what tbrunt3 said, are you hearing any strange noises from you computer? A hard drive is certainly not meant to take that kind of abuse, same for everything else in there for that matter, but the hard drive might be the first suspect. IF you are having a hard drive failure, maybe you could retrieve and save any info you want off the hard drive and buy a new one. These days, a pretty good size hard drive is a relatively cheap buy.
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