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By erwin1978
Mar 3, 2003
  1. I want to copy a DVD movie onto a CD. What's the best format to use(type, res) that will be compatible on a stand-alone DVD player? Also, I'm wondering if it would be possible to preserve the DVD menu once translated to CD?
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    You want to do this to have a backup of your regular DVD so you can play it and it won't get scratched correct????? If so you can use many different programs, but it takes a long time depending on your system. Also you have to be careful with what you convert them to. If you convert it to SVCD, you might not be able to watch it in your DVD player, as some that say they can play SVCD really can't.
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    DivX is only good for compression of DVDs to record on to CDROM and play on a PC. Currently there are only about 2 stand alone DVD players that can play DivX and they are relatively expensive.

    Most stand alone DVD players can playback VCD and SVCD formats and there is software available that can even keep the DVD format along with all the menu stuff and span across multiple CDROMs. Note that DVDs are copy protected therefore any software you may wish to use to make a legal copy will have to be able to defeat the copy protection. :blush:

    Here as a couple of links for two of the best ...

    Pinnacle Instant Copy


    Both are available from various online distibuters.

    For my money I'd go with Pinnacle's Instant Copy as is has more features and will also duplicate CDROMs as well as DVDs. MovieJack however has the ability to produce DivX format copies of DVDs if required and also provides DVD editing tools.:cool:
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