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Nov 30, 2002
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    ok i really need someone to help me,lets start by saying i got a virus of some sort and i couldnt get into anything,,so i reformatted my hard drive,,and of course i had to find video and audio drivers for this computer over the net,,and i did so and downloaded the video everything worked fine,,when i tried the audio nothing,,so i talked to a bunch of people and no one could help me find the problem ,,so everyone told me to just go by a sound card and that should do the trick,,being that i had onboard sound before,,so i did i got a soundblaster live 5.0 and installed it ,,the card had no disk with it ,so i visited creative desighns the maker of the soundcard and i found the exact drivers for it,and downloaded it,still no sound,,so i made sure my onboard sound card was disabled and tried it again,,no luck,i know it has to be a setting or something,but i ahve teied it all,,oh by the way my os is windows 98,,i hope maybe someone can help me with this,,its been two weeks and i cant figure it out ,,and its really frustrating me ,,anyhow thanks scott
    when i go to the multimedia propeties there is no playback or recording devices selscted,and nor will it let me select any
  2. conradguerrero

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    What motherboard do you have?
    Is your os win 98 or win 98se?

    Have you tried:
    Run dxdiag

    A virus shouldn't have ruined your onboard sound.

    what have you tried?

  3. queenween

    queenween TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok here it goes

    i have started the the computer in safe mode and went into propertys and made sure that any sound cards were gone ,then i restarted the computer in reg mode and made sure the computer reconized the sound card,,and it did,then i went and got the drivers for the exact sound card,,still have no sound and i noticed there are no choices to select from in the audio propertys section,,its says no playback or recording device selected ,,but it wont let me do anything.i mean you cant even click on anthing,,i made sure my old on board card was disabled,,i heard that the soundblaster 5.1 live was very complicated,but i never knew that it would be this hard anyhow i hope you or someone can help me , im just to about say the heck with it thanks scott
  4. Vehementi

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    Try moving the sound card to another PCI slot.

    I think I had this same problem back in the olden days with my SB Live & WME...I never got the problem fixed, short of when I reformatted and reinstalled :haha: I never really did figure out what was wrong...and I don't have the slightest today.

    Do you have another box you can test the soundcard in? There's a remote possibility the card was DOA (Dead/Defective On Arrival)
  5. Tweakster

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    Ok have u checked that

    Volume is turned up in Windows volume control.
  6. StormBringer

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    seeing as how both the onboard sound and the soundcard both don't work, then we can almost rule out completely the chance of both being dead. Though it is possible. I doubt it is the volume control seeing as you say it doesn't allow you to select any devices to use in Sound Properties. I also don't think the slot is going to be the problem, simply because the onboard sound also doesn't work. Also if there is an IRQ conflict, changing the PCI slot won't always change the IRQ settings, especially with soundcards and modems.

    Might be an IRQ conflict or the soundcard may not be enabled in the Device Manager. Look in the Control Panel and open the Device Manager and see if there are any ! or ? Also check to make sure the soundcard is listed and enabled.
  7. queenween

    queenween TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok here it goes

    i went and checked it out,,and it says that game port for creative sb is working properly...but i have (!)beside existing odi driver,,,and one beside processor support if that means anything,thanks i hope you can help scott
  8. queenween

    queenween TS Rookie Topic Starter

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