Help me!! Shutdown on Windows 2000 pro

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Jun 26, 2004
  1. Somebody must be smart enough to figure out what is wrong...Okay, here's the story..I just got DSL a week ago and my dumb friend decided to download porn off of Kazaa. After that, I shutdown my computer like normal and when I turned it on a while after, I got to my desktop and a message poped up from windows messenger service: From TARA to TARA (thats my name)- Shutdown requested (or something like that??) and it shut itself down... Everytime I start up windows it shuts itself down like normal, but I cant even stay on there long enough to run virus software. Someone help me!!! Please... -Tara
  2. vegasgmc

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    Go into the bios and make sure that wake on LAN settings are all disabled. Sometimes its also called PCI wake events. I had a similar problem with 2000 when I got cable modem and my computer wouldnt stay off. It was the signal through the NIC triggering WOL.
  3. tmcgeek

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    I can't even stay on long enough to do that...Is it possible that this is a virus??
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    The BIOS is before windows even starts. You need to hit DEL or F8, or F1, when you first start your computer. When it is detecting your hardware and how much memory you have it should say something like "Hit ____ to enter Setup" Once in there you can change the Wake on Lan settings.
  6. davel23

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    That's the Blaster worm.
  7. vegasgmc

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    If you cant get into the BIOS its probably a motherboard issue. I worked on a machine that would shut down or freeze up at the POST screen. It was a bad capacitor on the mobo.
  8. tmcgeek

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    Thanks guys!! I will try all the suggestions! I appreciate your help.
  9. Scythy

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    If you need extra time before your comp shuts down, to go run in the start menu and type without quotes, "shutdown -a"
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