Help me with my 22" Apple LCD

By lino Latino
Sep 5, 2007
  1. Hello I am using an Apple 22" LCD with a Apple DVI to ADC converter on my PC its running off of a GeForce 7800 GS AGP card. The LCD is great. The only problem is that it some times shuts off and will not turn back on again unless if keep it unpluged for 24 hours. The problem rarley happnes and it only happens when I reboot the computer or when the OS goes into standby. The display will go black and the white LED on the bottem right conter that is inside of the power button will get very bright. I would like to note that the pc that it is running on is in perfect working condition and it does not have any isues, also i know its not the Apple DVI to ADC becuase I have a second one that I used when the problem first occured and it did not solve the problem. I have heard that it might be a problem with the compatibility of the LCD with the converter in conjuction with the OS but it will do the same thing on Linux and Windows .. I have not tried using it on Mac os... any ideas on what it could be or how i can fix it please let me know... Thanks
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