Help my computer won't boot windows.

By David Qualter ยท 5 replies
Jan 4, 2005
  1. System specs:
    Epox 8KAD Nvidia nforce3 250gb
    AMD 64 3400+
    512 corsair value select ram
    Gainward Nvidia Geforce 6800gt
    Coolermaster Wavemaster Case
    Q-tec 550 watt power supply

    I bought my new graphics card with new IDE Cables.
    Took out old and put in new.On the bios screen before windows starts up it recognised the graphics card.And it was taking very long to load up windows,
    it was dectecting the ide drives again.and when detected won't load up windows. when restarting the computer it dectects them again. Its like the computer forgot where windows is and keeps forgetting the system specs.It takes about 5 minutes to dectect the ide drives.And the it says cannot read disk drives check cable. all cables are connected i tried everything and windows won't start.

    Please Reply

    I need to get this computer working and try this card also i think the motherboard might be faulty but i don't know.

  2. David Qualter

    David Qualter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please Help.

    Please help i need this computer to work and i have tried everthing.

    Please Reply
  3. karlt78

    karlt78 TS Rookie

    Hmmmm. I'm not sure, but it could be a number of things...

    Does your Graphics Card need it's own power supply, and if so where is it connected in the chain on your machine?

    Is it a straight PCI card or is it a PCI express??

    Have you disabled on the onboard graphics on your Motherboard and did you uninstall the previous graphics card's drivers??

    Will windows run in safe mode??

    How are your IDE devices chained? What are you running as Master / Slave??
  4. David Qualter

    David Qualter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes did everthing but still doesn't boot

    The graphics card does need its own power.
    Its a AGP Card.
    There's no onboard graphics and i didn't uninstall the old drivers.

    Windows won't run.
    HD is on master on 0
    Cd drives on 1.

    Thanks for reply anymore.

  5. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    You might go into the BIOS and reset settings to "performace", in case there is a problem with something in there. Make sure BIOS is set to autodetect all the IDE drives and that both IDE channels are on.

    It may seem silly but double check your cables again. Especially double check that pin one on the drives is going to pin one on the cables. If the cables are keyed then you're probably fine there.

    Otherwise, you might go and use the other IDE cables again.
  6. Charles Hammond

    Charles Hammond TS Rookie Posts: 59

    It is possible you moved something a little when putting in the new video card. I would strip down the computer and start over with just the Floppy Drive and see if you can get that to boot.

    Try the obvious like clearing the BIOS.

    Try the HD on Cable Select.

    I shorted out a power supply once replacing a modem.
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