Help, My PC Doesn't Play Any Video Clips....

By kimboy ยท 4 replies
Feb 21, 2008
  1. Hey, I would like to know why my PC can't play videos no more. I've installed the following codec(s)
    1:Theorica Divx Video Codecs 5.0
    2:Xvid-1.1.3-28062007 Final Release.
    3:AC3Filter 1.1.3
    4:Storm Codec 7.02.01
    I use the following media players:
    1:Windows Media Player 11(default).
    2:Jet Audio Basic 6.2.4
    3:Nero Home Essentials SE.
    4:Media Player Classic
    When I try playing any clip,be they AVI,DAT,MPEG,ASF,3GP,MP5,RMVB,MPE or whatever, the CPU
    usage suddenly shoots up to 100% with the application that's trying to play the clip eating up ninety-
    something of the CPU. My PC is a crappy Compaq EVO D510 SFF PC with 2.0ghz, 1024MB RAM, Windows XP
    Proffesional SP2, 64 MB nVidia GeForce4 MX420 video card. By the way, I could watch clips on my PC
    before installing Storm Codec. However, after I installed it everything went kaput. I've tried
    uninstalling it but doing so cleans my system of all the codecs (even those for MP3s)!
    Can anyone please tell me what to do or what to download? Thanks in advance.
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    When you say it cant play video any more, what exactly do you mean?

    Will tell you exactly what codecs you need for a file and if they are on your computer.

    You could also try downloading vlc media player
    As this will pretty much play any video type with only a few exceptions.
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  4. kimboy

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    My PC Can't Play Videos...

    Thanks for replying. I mean that there's nothing being displayed in the video window, for example Media Player
    Classic (the one from Real Media) just displays "opening" and nothing else happens. I am running Windows XP Pro
    SP2. Previously I was still using Windows Media Player to play my video files, it stopped when I installed
    the Storm Codecs thingy one of my friends
    had given me and also copied a few clips from his system to mine. By the way, the Gspot program you gave me a link to
    is also included in the Storm Codecs. Hey, is there a program I can download that can tell me what codecs are installed on
    my system? What about a "complete all codec suite?"
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