HELP!!! Need help with MOBO/CPU/PSU

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Aug 24, 2006
  1. Well, hope someone can help me here. Even though my system is protected by a surge protector, a blackout screwed my system. I couldn't get any the PC to power on. The PSU's light was blinking. So, before I got another PSU, I dug out my 10 year old PIII system and hooked up the PSU to it. It worked, so I assumed it was the MOBO that crapped out. I ordered a new MOBO and CPU (decided to upgrade) from Newegg. Contacted HP to obtain instructions for tattooing the board (BTW - HP's tech support guys are *****s!!! One told me that I can get the new MOBO tattooed and later, AFTER I ordered my new MOBO, another told me that I had to buy a new MOBO from them!!! AT 4X the COST!!!) Anyways, I got a tattoo utility to do it myself (if anyone wants it, let me know, I think I can probably e-mail it, it's pretty small program).

    Well, got the MOBO & CPU in and rebuilt my PC. Now, when I hook up the PSU, I GET THE SAME PROBLEM....PC does not power up and the light on the PSU blinks!!! What are the chances that the MOBO was a dud? I plugged the PSU back to my old system and it works...I'm using it to write this now. I tried to "shock" the PSU to no avail. I don't know what else it could be? Could the PSU's out put have dropped? The power requirements for my old PC is much lower than the new one.

    I need help from anyone out there that has had a similar situation or knows what the hell is going on! HELP!!!!
  2. hpak

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    Oh, BTW...if it was the PSU in the first place....I'm gonna feel real stupid for spending $200.00 on a new MOBO / CPU!!!
  3. hpak

    hpak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also, can someone let me know how I should tattoo the MOBO? The original MOBO is an ASUS MOBO P4G533, HP code name Echo. The new MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M. Can I just enter in "Echo" for the MOBO name? If not, what should I do? I don't want to buy another OS as I feel that I paid for the damn thing when I bought the PC in the first place.
  4. hpak

    hpak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    C'mon guys!!! I know someone out there can help me!!!
  5. kirock

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    Go here a read how to check if the old PSU is still working.
    I'm not familiar with tattoo, but I assume it's a procedure to replace mobo drivers etc from one board to another in the active OS to avoid reinstalling the OS when the new mobo goes in?
    Good luck with that, I can't help but maybe others here might know of it/done it.

    First you want to make sure you have a working PSU.
    Then check d/check the new mobo isn't grnding on the case. Check all connections (4 pin molex to the CPU plugged in?)(if applicable).

  6. hpak

    hpak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, the PSU seems to work with this P III system that requires much less power. I rebuilt using a brand new MOBO and no luck. Tried to reinstall the old luck, yet when I plug the PSU into the very old P III'm at a complete loss!!! I also tried to "shock" the PSU to no avail.
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