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Help needed (combo ide5216co)

By brown29
Feb 12, 2005
  1. Hi, I have just registered with this site to see if any one can help with this annoying problem.

    I have a combo IDE5216CO CDR/DVD drive (I know before you say its ****e it came with the computer).

    The problem is I can read/burn cd’s fine and also play dvds, but I it can’t read blank dvds with information on it. When I click on the drive it just goes though to another screen with a blank space as if there’s no information on it.

    I have tested the DVD on other drives and it works fine so that’s no the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards. Caine
  2. bigd

    bigd TS Rookie

    combo IDE5216CO CDR/DVD drive problems

    HI - I have the same drive, of which I had no choice also. I can't even get it to recognise a dvd in the drive. When I start PowerDVD, it tells me that there is no disk in drive. Also, some data disks are recognised as windows media and so windows media player tries to play it and it can't, obviously.
    Starting to tear my hair out. Is there anyone else out there with problems concerning the combo IDE5216CO CDR/DVD drive?

  3. pinchux

    pinchux TS Rookie

    Yes, the same problem as mine. This crap came with the computer too. I have read posts in other forums, and lots of people have the same trouble. About half a year this thing has been working properly, but later.. It doesn't read DVD :mad:
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