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By silverchariot ยท 14 replies
Jan 24, 2005
  1. Hi folks,

    can anyone please help me about my display problem? I just bought a PC last week. But I'm having problem with my DVI display.
    My both video adapter and LCD support DVI output, but when I connected them with DVI-D cable the screen can only display untill windows xp desktop comes up which means the screen has been blank during boot process even in BIOS screen. :blackeye:
    Sometime if i click 'del' to enter the BIOS(screen is blank), it can display after a couple of minutes but this is not always case.
    Since I don't have any extra adapter or DVI-D/I calbe to try, I am totally lost. I also checked vendor website but no newer updates provided at moment.

    If anyone could please give me any suggestion, it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    Motherboard: GigaByte 8IPE775 Pro
    Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 > GV-N52128DE
    LCD: BenQ FP71E (DVI-D & D-Sub)
  2. Smoker~

    Smoker~ TS Rookie

    Have you tried using only the analog connection to see if you get the same problem?
  3. silverchariot

    silverchariot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    analog is fine...

    analog cable does not have this problem.
  4. Dafriz

    Dafriz TS Rookie Posts: 25

    im here

    Ummm... try updating the bios on ur comp cuz maybe that was a problem..

    I've never heard of this problem so im grasping at straws.. plz dont hate me

    Most likely since the vga works the bios just doesnt understand a dvi signal???? maybe????
  5. silverchariot

    silverchariot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Dafriz, but i can't find any Award BIOS update even I googled. And the strange thing is it can show boot screen sometime when I hit the 'del' to enter the BIOS and wait for a while.
  6. Dafriz

    Dafriz TS Rookie Posts: 25

    bios update

    U cant find the update??? lol i might be able to get u that info cuz ive been searching all ova the place to figure out how to fix my onboard sound problem... I know it has something to do with windows.. cuz it makes sense

    ok i think i found the site theres a whole list for award.. just look up the exact one u need :)
  7. gargula

    gargula TS Rookie

    Similar problem here

    My pc is having this same problem. Using the analog VGA connector works fine. If I use the DVI one then it doesn't show anything for some minutes after boot. After some time, the image comes up. If I change the resolution in Windows or if I run a game which changes it, the image goes away again for a long time (I'm talking minutes here). My configuration is similar: monitor LG1730P (which uses the same panel as Philips, I think), NVidia FX5200/Gigabyte video-card, NVidia nForce 3/Gigabyte motherboard, Windows XP SP1. Very frustrating... I'll post here if I find anything new. :hotbounce
  8. Smoker~

    Smoker~ TS Rookie

    The latest isn't always the greatest especially when it comes to computers. It's always a real bad idea to update your motherboard BIOS when your system is working fine other than a problem which the newer BIOS description doesn't fix... particularly when it's brand new and hasn't been tested by many users yet. Read first and if it doesn't pertain to you, wait to see what the next version is about.

    Look toward your video card as the possible problem. Maybe there's a BIOS update for it that fixes digital signals, or a driver update that fixes such a thing. My DVI connection worked fine then in short time artifacts would appear across and up and down the screen, go away then come back. I can't believe these LCD monitors are perfected yet when many still arrive with broken pixels. The digital signal problems we are having aren't real common as far as I've noticed, but common enough to eliminate us from being *****s.

    If the signal can be okay at times and not at others, it's being read properly or you'd never get a decent screen using it. Trying a different cable is an option which most of us don't have spare DVI cables laying around. Does using the digital connection cause too much heat or stress for the video card? I got tired of searching around for answers and use the analog only until I see a driver fix for my card that addresses DVI issues.

    It took Princeton support a week to answer my email and they said to make sure it isn't plugged into a surge protector or UPS. It wasn't.

    If anyone resolves their problem, please post back what the issue was and how it was fixed.
  9. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    Hi, sorry if this is old. But it seems as heat is the solution here. My screen is always black with DVI until it's warmed up - like old nontransisor radios!!! We joke around allot about this. I say that we can't use the computer yet, it isn't warm yet!! I have a 2 KW blower that I use for my LCD monitor to get it heated faster, it works. But when I open ventialtion above the monitor it starts to flicker, eventually go black! This is my 3:rd monitor, I gave up on this 2 kW blower and will get a more expensive LCD within next week. Hope It 's alright - because I going to demand exchanging monitors until it works, if there is DVI you should have DVI and nothing less. I've tried a DVI monitor on my computer, it worked.
    They'd better remove DVI if they can't get it work, any manufacturer that can't handle it.

    Now I have my 3rd ViewSonic VX715, I'm waiting for the 8ms version of VP171-2! Will be interesting if same problem happens to that too, if so I'm going to say a new phrase of text never expressed before in a call. Someone doesn't have this problem, but I've tested my monitor on a computer that DVI works perfectly well with an Eizo, but not mine worked. Well new stuff should work, I guess next monitor I get have been tried and tested a longer period of time... but I've been so angry about this!! :hotbounce
  10. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    No, your problem isn't the same as the others. Their problem is NO PROPER VIDEO CARD BIOS support for DVI-D in dos mode.

    Your problem is sh*tty cold-cathode tubes in your monitor. Current view panel models used cold-cathode tubes for back-lighting, despite being called "cold-cathode" it still isn't actually cold ( cold only in relative to hot-cathode tubes which operated at much greater than 1K degrees), and required to be at about 300 degrees for the fluorescent reaction to work properly having sufficient emitted electrons.
  11. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    Why is VGA working perfectly well then? :cool:
    Nice you gave a possible explanation, I haven't got any answers yet on this.
  12. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    VGA signals had in-built imbeded carrier frequencies for starting up the tubes properly even when displaying no data whatsoever. DVI-D only had data, no carrier, no sync, nada... all had to be generated internally to start the tubes.
    It still meant you had sh*tty cold-cathode tubes within your monitor. The only thing in your monitor which responded well to higher extra external temperature boost is the fluorescent tubes -->> "My screen is always black with DVI until it's warmed up - like old nontransisor radios!!! We joke around allot about this. I say that we can't use the computer yet, it isn't warm yet!! I have a 2 KW blower that I use for my LCD monitor to get it heated faster, it works. But when I open ventialtion above the monitor it starts to flicker, eventually go black!"

    Cold-cathodes by default are fast turn on as only required to be ~300 degrees verses typical 2K temp in hot-cathodes. Go look at any typical hot-cathode fluorescent tubes, all of them which had been in use also had blacken, dis-colored cathodes at the end of the tubes.
  13. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    Today I got the ViewSonic VP171b-2 8ms. This one worked fine! took only a couple of minutes before everything was crystal clear!!! Jihaa! Cool that you may rotate the screen for PDF dokument reading, writing word in fullscreenmode, surfing etc very great!!! :grinthumb
  14. jnel

    jnel TS Rookie

    DVI - no signal

    Radeon 7500 (128MB DDR) on ASUS P4P800 SE / 1GB PC 3200 / 19" AVidav LCD
    Select DVI, "no signal", reverts to VGA. Remove everything "ATI" (drivers/control panel, etc.) and reboot, comes up DVI and works beautifully UNTIL I install the Catalyst Control Center and latest drivers. Then...."no signal" and only VGA will work. Guess I can keep going without the drivers installed, although it gets tiring continuously cancelling the "found new hardware" pop up...
  15. jnel

    jnel TS Rookie

    DVI no signal update

    driver / Catalyst update on ATI site. Seems to have resolved this issue. Used the CAT uninstaller, downloaded and installed .net, then installed the "new" driver/Catalyst Control Panel......PERFECT!
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