Help needed for menu problem

By kyham
Dec 10, 2004
  1. All of a sudden the drop down menu on everything display's and after about 1 second, goes away.

    Is there a parm somewhere that sets a delay time for this function?

    Searched MS and no hits.

    Help and Support doesn't do either help or support

    Running XP-PRO w/SP2. Worked fine until a couple of days ago.

    Restore to prior restore points doesn't help.

    Can't do a XP repair since the CD is older than the version I have running so it will not even try.

    Ran Spybot, AdAware, Hijack This, AGW virus check. All show nothing. Got to be a parm or setting somewhere. My 3 other systems do not have the problem and all are running same OS and update levels.

  2. trin929

    trin929 TS Rookie

    it is a registry setting causing your menu delay it can be manipulated in the registry editor if you feel able enought to do so. the process is start-->run-->regedt32-->ok that will get you into the registry editor from there the setting is under HKEY_CURRENT_USER \control panel\desktop double click on the menu show delay value type a number in from 0-4000 represents milliseconds use 0 for no delay. this problem is discussed in microsoft knowledge base article 216445

    let me know if it doesn't work :cool:
  3. kyham

    kyham TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No Change

    I tried both 0 and 5000 but still no change even after re-boots. Menu goes away before it is possible to select a sub menu item.

    Found out that it might have been a trial version of Cool Menu so going to see if I can get some help from their support site.

    Thanks for the pointer though.

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