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Sep 17, 2007
  1. Hi i have a new IDE HDD 250GB i and trying to install winXP on it and it boots from cd no worries then it go's through the blue screen bit were it ask were i want to install and then it loads all the drivers etc and then go's to do the shut down no prob there but when it restarts insted of going on to install the rest of windows it just starts all over again doing the blue screen and reloading drivers etc i can never get to the bit were you get the on screen prompts ....Please help i,m ready to throw it (and i have one son who is getting sick of waiting for his puter to be fixed )
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    If your hard drive came in a plastic wrap instead of a box, you have the OEM version. It is best if you go to the manufacturer's website, and download the tools which prepare the hard drive for use... all manufacturers except Toshiba and Tri-Gem have them. This sofware setup is very quick, and will have the hard drive prepared in less than five minutes.
    Be sure the BIOS is set to boot to the CD first in the boot order.
    Then cold boot to the CD, and watch very closely for the opportunity to "format" the hard drive, although some install discs ask if you want to create an NTFS partition, or word it in different ways. You will eventually be given the choice to create the partition, and for "Quick" creation of the partition or format of the partition. Do not choose the quick method. The slow method will take 40 minutes to an hour.
    It should then move automatically into the Windows Install. You must be there to watch this, or it will flash quick choices that may not be what you want.
    From then on, it should be automatic if you have at least 256 MB of good memory, though 512 MB or more is better.
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    If you are where I think you are, after setup copies all the files and reboots, you should see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message again. Do NOT press any key. Wait and setup should continue on its own.

    In case it reboots on its own and setup starts again, you can eject the CD and reboot the PC. When the CD is needed again, you will be asked for it.
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    Hi and thanks for your prompt reply the HDD is a Maxtor 3.5" 250GB 250G 7200RPM 8MB IDE iv just had a look on there site but i,m unsure which program i should be downloading i dont want to stuff it up and i will do the format again and start over because i had done the quick format so i will go and start it off again now
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Just in case you need them, please see the enclosed step by step instructions.

    You need to do the following.

    Diconnect from the net and don`t reconnect, until you have your firewall software installed.

    1 Restart your computer and go to setup usually by pressing the F2 or delete key.

    2 Once you get into setup look for the boot menu and make sure you set it to boot from cd first followed by your hard drive.

    3 Put the Windows xp disk into your cd drive.

    4 Now save your settings and exit setup.

    5 While your computer is booting you will see a message that says "press any key to boot from cd" press any key.

    6 When the welcome to setup screen appears press enter and then press F8 to accept the Microsoft licence agreement.

    7 You will be prompted to repair an installation press the escape key.

    8 Now select the partition that you want to reformat and press the D key to delete it you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the partition.

    9 Now press C to create a brand new partition you will be asked what size you want the partition to be in mega bytes. If you just press enter then the partition will be the maximum size that you can have. This is perfectly ok if you don`t want to create multiple partitions.

    10 You will now be asked to format the partition select the ntfs file sytem and do a full format.

    11 Once the format is complete setup will continue.

    Your computer will restart during the remaining setup again you will be asked to press any key to boot from cd DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING and setup will continue. Once the setup is complete and you are back in Windows remove the Windows cd from your cd drive.

    Install your firewall software and reconnect to the net. Install whatever drivers you need, then run Windows updates.

    Finally, install whatever programmes/software you want.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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