Help needed, system problem

By SteMacD
Jan 30, 2006
  1. Hey to all, after searching for the root of my problem on google i see a lot of pleas for help end up on these forums and you guys n girls here seem to give very good advice and help so i'm coming to make a plea.

    My PC doesn't respond when trying to power it up.

    I first noticed something odd when i left the PC on while i was watching TV and it just powered off by itself. Then i had been told it was doing that the night before. It was also starting itself up by itself recently also. The first thing i throught was checking the insides old incase anything had popped out etc. Everything seemed normal. I then began to think that its a PSU problem. So i have ordered another 550watt PSU.

    But while i'm waiting for that i noticed that my router still detects my PC when my PSU is switched on, so i double checked every wire then decieded to try another PSU in my PC so i yanked the one out of the computer i am now using and put it in my primary pc and nothing happend again when i pressed the power button. So i'm kinda stuck at the moment.

    Sorry for the lengh of my plea/story for help. And i hope one of the kind folks here can help.

    Thx ste
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Ouch. You may have toasted something....

    One of the more common causes of systems randomly shutting themselves off is overheating. They do it to protect themselves from frying anything and usually when that STARTS happening you need to fix it asap.

    As you continued using the computer despite it's overheating problem, there is a chance that some parts (namely the CPU) got toasted.

    Since you tried with a different PSU (working one) and you were unable to boot up, that's my guess.

    What exactly happened when you push the power button after installing the backup PSU? Any fans spinning inside? Any beeps? Zero?
  3. SteMacD

    SteMacD TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Absolutly nothing happens when i press the power button.

    Starts making sence from what you said, got a sneaky feelin that might be it.

    Maybe an excuse to buy a new cpu. But then that just brings up more questions.
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