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Help needed to identify this card

By Guigsy1
Jun 1, 2005
  1. my brother got some type of computer cards from work cause they were not going to use them, unfortunately there is no box or type of identification whatsoever. here are some pics of it (sorry, my camera is very crappy for detail)


    a few things to note, there is a lone sticker on one side that reads
    "GF4 MX440"

    on the other side there are barcode stickers that have..
    "SN# 4123490 - 0502 1001735" and "20001804 - VT QC" (the dashes mean a new line)

    the black embedded chips have
    "hynix 202A

    after some searching on google for gf4mx440, i found that it would mean GeForce 4 MX440, but that's as far as i can get, there are no company markings of any kind on the card, when i tried installing it in my computer it came up as MEDIA and after using the installation wizard it found nothing online as far as drivers. I just need to know what it is in order to get drivers for it... any help?

    also, i have a compaq presario 6000 desktop, if that make any difference

    thanks in advance
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