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Dec 6, 2005
  1. Recently had a corrupt file force me to re-install the Windows ME operating system on my computer. It appears that everything went okay, however I had added a second hard drive to my computer a couple of years ago, so all the applications on that drive are still on the computer. My question, or maybe my feat is, that I should have taken that hard drive out before re-installing the operating system...since it restored the computer's C drive to what it was when I first bought the computer.
    None of the applications in the D drive (or second hard drive) show up in the programs and I have to go to the D drive and click on the applications EXE file to start the application. I did that to one of the applications and when I exited the program, a windows error message appeared and froze the computer.
    I didn't get very good assistance from the Compaq/HP Tech support people and wanted to check with you to see if you have any suggestions.
    My computer is somewhat outdated now, but still good. Pentium 3 (800 mgz) with 512 megs of ram. My video card, which I also upgraded a couple of years ago, is the Nvidia FX 5200 and has worked great for me. I installed the drivers for that after the re-install and haven't had problems with the video, at least at this point.
    Any suggestions on the second hard drive would be appreciated, or any advice on this would be welcomed.
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    This information is stored on C:. Since reinstalling Windows probably deleted this information, Windows has no way of know those applications are on D: to put them in the menu for you.

    Many programs store settings and important information in the Windows registry (Stored on C:). They also use additional files stored inside the Windows folder (Again, stored on C:) which may no longer be there. This can cause crashing, freezing and other problems.

    To fix these errors, you'll need to reinstall the programs. Most programs will work if you reinstall them over top of the old one. And in some cases - It will even keep your settings. But the best thing to do is just start over fresh and reinstall your applications (not over top of the old ones) if you can afford starting over again.
  3. rskjackson

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    Thanks for the info...My only question now would be if I need to un-install the applications on the D drive and then do a re-install of those same applications? I don't have anything that is a must to save in progress in those applications, so a fresh re-install would be best I presume. I also presume that means I need to do an un-install first?
  4. Rick

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    If you formatted and installed Windows (Maybe your recovery disc deleted everything), then that's the ultimate uninstall. ;)

    The reason to use uninstallers is to remove all of the additional files and settings programs add outside their own folder (like the registry entires and system files in the Windows folder). Since those things should be gone now, it is safe to just delete the folders on D:..... Providing none of the information in these folders are important!
  5. rskjackson

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    I checked in the registry, where I remember seeing the programs that are on the D drive listed, and none of those programs are listed anymore. So...I can just delete the folders and then do a fresh re-install (to the D Drive) and they should show up again in the programs listing?
    Thanks for the help and information provided.
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