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Jan 25, 2006
  1. I recently bought myself a new video card (ATI Radeon X850 Pro AGP) and have had problems playing Battlefield2 or World of Warcraft. With BF2 the game would run for about 15-20 mins then the screen goes blank (sound keeps going, sometimes reapeats) and after about 30seconds i get back to my desktop with the colors all funky and very low resolution and an error message saying 1 of 2 things. Either "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands." or "The ati2dvag display driver has stopped working normally." With Warcraft, the same exact thing happens except it only seems to happen while in and instance.

    I have done all I know to fix this myself and I am fairly knowledgeable with computers, but nothing seems to work. I have read through threads of others with this problem but none of their solutions work for me either.

    First I tried to get ATI tech to help me but they are useless.

    I have updated ATI Drivers, my chipset drivers, I've used driver cleaner to delete all ATI drivers then downloaded ATI omega drivers. Checked my powersupply to make sure it has enough power, played with my case open to try and keep it cooler. Tried playing it as 4x instead of 8x, looked through all bios settings about my vid card.

    If anyone has any suggestions or solutions I would gladly try anything I am at the end of my rope and about to snap a $250 vid card in half (not really).


    Comp Specs:
    OS: WinXP
    Processor: Athlon64 3200+
    Mobo: ASUS K8V-MX
    Memory: 1gig (2x512) Corsair DDR400
    Vid Card: ATI Radeon X850Pro 256MB AGP 4x/8x
    Power: 460W Enermax
    6 Cooling fans (1 processor, 1vid card, 2 powersupply, 2 case)
  2. DonNagual

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    Just a couple quick thought off the top of my head (things to try)

    Have you updated to the latest bios?
    Does your motherboard have asus "cool n' quiet"? If you have it installed, uninstall it.
    Are you overclocked at all? Go back to stock speeds.
    What are your ram timings set at?
  3. SDALAX30

    SDALAX30 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am not sure how to update my BIOS I went onto the asus download page and it said not to do it unless you're sure it will help.

    My motherboard does have cool n' quiet. I dont know how to uninstall it, but I did disable it in my BIOS

    I'm not at all overclocked

    And I don't know how to find my ram timings.

    After turning off cool n' quiet the problem still persisted.
  4. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Asus has to say that, because if anything happens during the flash (such as a power spike or power outage in your house) your bios will be rendered useless and asus doesn't want to be responsible for it.

    I am not saying that there are no risks in updating your bios, but your board also has Asus's "crashfree bios" which is a backup plan in case your bios goes bad during flashing.

    What version is your current installed bios? If you are running the 0112 bios, I personally would flash to the 0203 version and see if that didn't clear me up.

    Also, go to your "add remove programs" and uninstall the "cool n' quiet" software.

    And one last thing, right click on "my computer" then "manage" then "event viewer" and poke around in there to see if any system/software errors are being reported.
  5. DonNagual

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    With Asus boards, probably the easiest way is to go to Asus's website and download the latest (non-Beta) bios to your hard drive.

    Unzip it if it is zipped and remember where you save it.

    Open Asus's "LiveUpdate" and select "update bios from file". Direct it to your downloaded bios file and let it do it's thing.

    Do not have any other software open, and unplug all USB devices that you don't need (not really necessary, but I always do just to be safe).
  6. SDALAX30

    SDALAX30 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ASUS Update isn't allowing me to update my BIOS. I downloaded it from the website and its sitting on my desktop. When I try to install or flash it or whatever it says, "The model of the bios image doesn't match the bios rom currently present." The current bios is rom type: PMC 49FL004T LPC, model: k8v-mx, version: 1006.003

    Second, the cool n' quiet software isn't in the list of add remove programs.

    And lastly, I do have a couple different errors in the event viewer. I will copy and paste them here. Each one is from today as i was working on fixing my problem. I put them all into google but only got results from the last one with some more ideas to help solve my problem.

    Error code 000000ea, parameter1 85983320, parameter2 84e25148, parameter3 850ae538, parameter4 00000001.

    Error code 000000ea, parameter1 8649ad80, parameter2 846cdcc8, parameter3 84702bc0, parameter4 00000001.

    Error code 000000ea, parameter1 86451498, parameter2 849ed798, parameter3 84950198, parameter4 00000001.

    The driver ati2dvag for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates
    a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with
    your hardware device vendor for any driver updates.
  7. SDALAX30

    SDALAX30 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bumpity bump. I am so frustrated with this I need help.
  8. SDALAX30

    SDALAX30 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any suggestions?
  9. cwr

    cwr TS Rookie

    Your video card is over heating and shutting down to prevent melt down. Some ATI cards are notorious for doing this. I have a VisionTek x1300 xge and if its not kept just cool enough it'll shut down. Sometimes it does in the middle of game play, but I surrounded it with a new case and many fans to try and keep it cool, still working out the bugs however.

    Edit: I mistakenly originally listed my gpu as a sapphire, it never was.
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