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Jan 29, 2005
  1. Just built a new SFF PC (shuttle SB83G5) put all components together everything is plugged in and in the right place, been checking for hours, even put it together again, and every time i power up all fans and lights are on but no BIOS on the monitor, just says no signal, iv heard of this before and ive tried running the monitor off both the internal GPU and my 6600GT but to no avail, ive tried taking the battery out to wipe the CMOS but when i boot i get the same problem, im running out of solutions and starting to think ive broken something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Z_A_X

    Z_A_X TS Rookie

    Yes I have a similar problem, i was Trying to overclock my pc when it rebooted, like it always does on a BIOS change, and i kept geting a beeping sound and no signial from the computer, no BIOS NOTHING!!! and it is also a relitivly new computer, (bought parts about a week ago) i would like someone with expertise to please help me and the other memer who started this tread to please help us, my computer specs are

    Mobo: Chaintech CT-7NJL6 Nvidia Nforce2 ultra...
    RAM Kingston 256 186 pin ram (that all i think i know about that)
    CPU Amd Duron 1.6 Ghz
    Video Card:Nvidia geforce FX 5200

    P.S i remember changing some setting in the BIOS i never changed before i think it had something to do with a CPU frequerncy (Sry cant spell) or somthing of that sort. i canged it to 60% or somthing like that plz help me!!!!!!
  3. BloodRaven

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    this has happend to me before and it had happend for two reasons. i tried overclocking it and the monitor went out so i cleared the cmost with the jumpers (check owners manual) and when i turned it on it worked. the other time this happend was it was a hardware compatability. i had a pci firewire card in and right when i took it out it fixed the problem. trying stripping everything out of your computer and start it up with only the bare minimum parts to work. this includes unplugging the cd-rom and everything not needed to start up your computer. if it works then plug one thing in at a time and keep re-booting it to see if it still turns on and when you plug something in and it makes the monitor not work than you found your bad piece of hardware. i hope this helps
  4. Z_A_X

    Z_A_X TS Rookie

    Yeah i fixed the problem, i just reset the jumpers and it started up agian(i could not belive that little pin thingy fixed this!!!) well it made a good Overclocking horror story!!! well everything is working fine and i think im going to think before i OC thanks for all your help!!
  5. BloodRaven

    BloodRaven TS Rookie Posts: 89

    glad i could be of help. but yeah, removing the battery doesnt clear the cmos all the way, you need to reset the jumpers to get the full effect.
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