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Nov 21, 2006
  1. I am a newbie, and plan on building a computer. I have already picked out my Case, decided on what RAM (4-512 MB 184-pin, DDR400) I will get, and that all amounts to about $300. I would appreciate suggestions on what else to get regarding my motherboard, processor, hard drive, and PSU to get if I am making this primarily for games. I would like to keep the price range in the $800's range, any suggestions? :)

    Here is a list of parts that I am thinking of for the comp... Does this all look compatible?
    Processor-AMD Athlon 64 X2 $250
    Is there a way to get a step down from this? | I want pretty good performance, but I don't know about shelling out so much money for it >.<
    Motherboard-ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939 $133
    Memory-4x CORSAIR 512MB 184-Pin- $220

    Hard Drive-Western Digital Raptor 74 GB 10,000 RPM $160

    Power Supply-SILVERSTONE 12V 500 Watt Power Supply $113

    Case-XCLIO ATX Mid Tower $110

    Sound Card-Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 $75

    Does someone also have any ideas for a graphics card? It needs to be fairly good (say 256 MB or so) but still be decently priced. Thanks for any help!
  2. duomaxwell

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    hey lizardman, i'm in the process of building a pc too and i chose a am2 socket because its a newer technology. I'm not sure of the benefit's between the 939 socket and the am2, i do know the boards with am2 socket use the newer type ram call ddr2.
  3. boyd117

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    IMO guys I would go with Intel there cpu's have sparked a new generation of computing, myself have been with amd my whole life but I looked into the new duo cores and quad cores, they are what you want and there affordable, I just orderd a quad core the other day for $300CAN! Even if you dont want to jump into quad core processing Intel's duo core are :grinthumb . Your also going to want DDR2 ram 6400 800mhz, corsair, crucial, kingston are all good. For future building refrence I recommend the last thing you look at buying is the case, its performance for the money not looks.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Updating an old thread? They've probably bought their PCs already, since the thread is more than six months old. ;)
  5. boyd117

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    hahah yea I relized that after I posted, and I couldnt figure out how to remove it?:confused:

    DCBNSB TS Rookie Posts: 63

    dont waste your money on the 74 gig raptor get the 150gig its only like $180 and double the space... Dont get a socket 939 get an AM2 beacuse your just gonna be putting your self behind the market... and with that get a mother board that can support 240 pin ddr 800 memory. but the thing that is going to cost you most will be your video card ... if this computer is for gaming.... dont buy a computer that is lower tech youlll miss out... i got my set up with a core 2 duo and a 8800 Gt graphics card for under $1700 after shipping and with no rebates... with the rebates i got another 200 dollers off.
  7. Caloy

    Caloy TS Rookie

    Greetings and HELPPPPPP!!

    Hi! (Thats for the greeting part).

    (These is for the help part).

    My computer wont boot up or even start. It has a previous problem recently, it randomly freezes before booting, after booting and while in windows. A technician did some tweaks and it worked for a day or two without problems but it recently crashed and never turned on again.

    These are my specs:

    Pentium 4 2.26ghz
    ECS p4vmm2 socket 478 (its an oldie)
    Kinsgston 512 DDR 400 (new)
    nVidia GeForce 5600 (3 months old)
    500 watt power supply (new)

    My brother thought he saw the technician tweaked the bios clock speed to its max.

    can it be repaired
  8. CMH

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    Might be gone for good....

    Are there any beeps? If there aren't, it could be that you need to replace:
    a) the power supply
    b) the motherboard

    If there are beeps, consult your motherboard manual, and see what those beeps mean.

    DCBNSB TS Rookie Posts: 63

    What that guy said ^^^^
  10. hellohello

    hellohello TS Rookie

    upgrading parts

    hi, i saw this thread and thought it was appropriate for my questions.
    im going to upgrade my computer, its an emachines T3302,

    its a little old, but im going to get a new motherboard, processor, and RAM.





    this stuff seemed pretty good and not bad prices. but will there be anything i will need to do in advance before i hook up all new stuff? will the computer work if i just take out the old and put in the new? my computer right now has an AMD processor, if i get an intel motherboard, processor, and RAM, will i need to change anything else to intel as well?

    also, another question. if anyone has ordered a processor from newegg or anyone else online, does the processor come pre-assembled, meaning i can just screw it in? or do i need to get some thermal paste to secure it?

    if i need anything else for the motherboard or processor, id like to know. RAM cant be too complicated to install =)

    [edit] oh i just remembered, i already have a new graphics card that will fit the new motherboard.
  11. Caloy

    Caloy TS Rookie


    Thanks for the reply.

    If I am to change my board, (ECS p4vmm2 seems to be considered antique in our area since i cant find any shops selling the same motherboard) and i am to use the other chipset i already have (pentium 4 ,512 ddr 400 and nvdia 5600) can you give any suggestion on what model to use.

    Also there never was never any beeping even during the previous problem as is today.
  12. Caloy

    Caloy TS Rookie

    Thanks Again.

    Found a replacement for my motherboard.

    Unfortunately the support personnel there was unsure if some chipset could still be usable. Is it possible that any of them would be damaged or already have been damaged? How can I check without a second pc to check them?

    I desperately need to fix my pc. My brother's projects are all inside the hard drives (I have two) which is a little difficult to extract in pc rental shops without the software (their school issued it for uniformity).

    (sorry! I think I posted these message in another thread)
  13. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Caloy, please make a separate thread with your problem, since yours does not have any relation to this thread. You'll also be able to get more help that way.
  14. Caloy

    Caloy TS Rookie


    Sorry about that. I am a newbie in forums.

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