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Sep 28, 2003
  1. Hi im currently using a 1.0 ghz with a motherboard that supports sdram only and imusing 384 amount of ram i also have a sh*tty 16 mb graphics card umm im hopefully trying to get a 9600 ati or a 5600 nvidia ddr 128 mb do u think that my comp can handle it i can tell u more info if u guys want sorry im kinda stupid wit hardware
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    I don't see why it wouldn't handle it. Now I don't think it will be able to handle it to the best of the cards capabilities, but it will work none the less.

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    Someone had a query like that not so long ago. Allthough quite a few VGA cards have been released since then , I believe a lot of the tips given in that thread are still valid.

    Improve video without an upgrade?

    His specs are quite similiar to yours too.
  4. jjangl337

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    thanx alot guys mad quickness too
  5. jjangl337

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    i got the graphics card and 512 of sdram today i got the graphic driver, and some weird things are happening first ne program i tried to use wit the card (half-life,halo,bf1942) some times shut down and some blue screens came up saying some thing about bios memory and some bullshit and its getting better now and working but ne suggestions?
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