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Feb 3, 2004
  1. ok, as im a n00b at this kind of thing let me explain completely from the beginning my problem.

    Ok so i had some problems with some of my hardware a while back so i ended up upgrading most of my stuff, at the moment im running this setup

    AMD (Athlon) 2400+ 2.06 Ghz cpu
    GForce5 FX5200 128Mb GFX card
    ASrock VK47 Motherboard
    Soudblaster Live 5.1 Sound card
    256mb DDR PC2400 Ram
    60Gb Hdd
    54x speed standard CDROM

    so i put my new hardware in and installed Windows XP professional (note i did NOT format my hdd before i installed xp prof) so when i boot up my machine i get the option of choosing one of the OS systems installed i get it in list format like this

    Windows XP Professional
    Windows XP Home Edition

    Windows XP prof is always highlighted so i choose that one, so it all worked fine ect, the i had this constant error in windows which i was later informed was something to do with the infamous blaster virus. So i was told i can either use this command to stopmy system from rebooting and remove the virus using a removal tool (which i was informed is very tricky) or format my C:/ and start again, obviously looking for ease i went with the second option. So this is what i did with some instruction

    Created a boot disk from a website using the Win98 format

    boot my machine from the floppy disk
    ran FDISK

    looked at existing partitions already on my hdd
    Found the one (using FAT32) already on there, deleted that one

    then manually created my own partition, formatted it and then reboot botting from windows XP proffesional disk.

    It went thru the blue windows setup screen with no problems when it came to the screen where you pick the partition you want to install the OS on so i picked the partition i had created and it started to install, then all of a sudden i got this error come up saying that Windows has been shut down to protect your system blablabla

    IQL_DRIVER or something like this and this carried on and on all the times i tried, i then tried to do the same using my windows home edition disk and it stil wouldnt work, so once again i formatted and let XP make its own partition, so when it had done that it gives you the option to format the partition, i did this got to 100% and then once again got the same error.

    Can anyone help ?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Start from scratch again and install XP-Pro from CD, letting XP-setup do the partitioning (2 partitions, 10GB for OS, 50GB for progs and data) and formatting under NTFS.
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