HELP!!! Partition lost!

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Jan 20, 2003
  1. I have:

    c: System where windows is.

    f: Installs Just the install and downloads drive

    g: Page file

    c: was running low on space so i decided to give it some space from f: (plenty). So i went to partition magic 8 and said to the prog that c: needs an additional 600 mb or so. Just to keep XP running properly.

    I pressed apply and it resseted. Now it didnt do anything anymore halfway the reboot.

    I turned the pc off an on again and got back to windows. WITH F: LOST.

    c: remains c:

    F: Lost

    G: now goes by the name of F: and is called page file

    What do i do!!! All programs are lost even partition magic.
  2. Phantasm66

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    check your private messages...
  3. Rick

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    First of all, NEVER use Partition Magic inside of Windows. I don't know if would have made any difference, but I always use the Partition Magic boot diskettes.

    I think this goes beyond simple partition table error - I would imagine Partition Magic has managed to make a real muck of your entire file system.. It's probably not totally recoverable.

    You may want to try partition recovery software first. Something like Acronis RecoveryExpert might work for you, although I've never had a situation where it has been needed. I can't recommend a product I've never used, so consider just a shot-in-the-dark for now.

    If you are unable to recover the partition, I recommend using a data recovery program that ignores the MFT (This has probably been destroyed). Ontrack's Easy Recovery Pro is an example of a program like this. It won't repair the partition, but will allow you to copy files from the corrupted partition to another disk. This way, at least you can get your important stuff back.

    I'm sending you a PM so you may try some partition recovery software, so check your control panel for new messages.
  4. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for all the help

    I appriciate all the help.... Ill try and use some of the software now
  5. simtho1

    simtho1 TS Rookie

    Hi all, i have similar problem... is it possible to get those famous PMs? the ones mentioned here aren't working out propely for me...
  6. lukeyu

    lukeyu TS Rookie

    partition table recovery tool!

    I suggest you use Partition Table Doctor to resolve your
    problem.The software provides very useful functions:
    Backup partition table, Restore partition table, Rebuild
    partition table, undelete partition, Fix boot sector,
    rebuild mbr,etc.

    First thing I recommend you download the demo version of
    Partition Table Doctor.( )

    Run the program and select "Rebuild Partition Table",
    then choose "Interactive" mode.

    See more:
  7. BillGates

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    Why do you guys send PMs instead of posting it. It would really help the community no need to keep it private
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