HELP! partition magic and linux problems!!

By Captainstarbucs
Aug 16, 2005
  1. Hi, yesterday i got my 3 redhat ISO's and partition magic 8.

    First, on partition magic 8, i went to "create a new OS" and chose linux with all the defualt settings.

    So i went ahead with the partitioning and in about 2 hours it was done..

    i belive the partition space was Linux: or something,

    when it was done i put the redhat install disk and chose grapic mode

    I got to the part where they asked me for to use a driver..but it didnt show the Linux: drive, so i skipped that part and went to the installation..when i got to the install part where it asked me to use auto matic partitioning or druid disk drive (something or antoter) both gave be problems and sent be back to rebooting the system.

    Now im worried...after the startup happend i get a message in DOS that says "No OS found, press a key"

    now as you can see im in dire need of help. i want to get windows back to the main partition...but when i partitioned it did i wipeout the C drive?? someone help me!!!
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