Help Pc keeps restarting or cycling dont know what to call it

By Fat Lab Monkey
Dec 19, 2005
  1. when I try to start up in morning or after a shutdown it will go through a cycle of restarting like when you first turn it on. It will keep cycling through drives and beep like on start up then it will cycle through drives the again and again some times it will reach boot screen I can never rememebr the name of that screen you know the screen where all devices are shown and where you can go into bios from. any way then it will start back over again , sometime it will boot after about 5 or 6 times of turning system on an off again sometime 45 minutes after doing this it will start can someone please help thanks
  2. Sam Ontario

    Sam Ontario TS Rookie

    You may need a new bigger power supply or may be attacked by virus, just a guess.
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