Help..pc wont boot,HDD problem

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Mar 1, 2007
  1. hello, i made a terrible blunder, using partition magic 8.0.
    i wanted to free up some extra space on my HDD, so i decided to take the recovery data off the HDD and made a master dvd then deleted the data, so well and so good, i got 8gb free'd up which had shown up as another local disc in my computer... I then borrowed a copy of partition magic 8 from a friend, and being to confident i never read the read me file correctly :( .
    so i set about merging the smaller drive with my local disc C. which is the drive containing my O.S. I know now that i should have just deleted the smaller partition and resized another to make use of the extra space.
    when using partition magic 8.0. it asks do you want to make recovery diskettes, one being bootable, but i could not do this because none of my machines contain a floppy drive, and the rescue diskettes cannot be created on any other media, i have found this software , and i have been i touch with them, but this software has to be run from a floppy disk to. i dont have a floppy drive on any machine????... does anyone know of any other software or methods that i could use. The HDD with the problem is in 2 partitions now, one 38gb and one 111gb. windows is installed one the 38gb one. i am thinking is it not possible to format just the smaller partition and leave the larger one intact, then i could re-install windows. my recovery dvd that i made for the pc has 2 options for recovery both of which say all data will be lost, one installs only windows and the other installs windows with the original factory software. i have precious data on this machine that i dont want to lose, i have some backed up, but i have not made any backups in a while.. any idea's would be much appreciated........
    i just got an email from bootmaster, with a link to a cd version of the software. so i will try this and see if they can help me
  2. raybay

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    Money is always an issue. However since you have "precious data" you cannot lose, I would buy a new hard drive - Seagate or Western Digital can cost you as little as $65 with shipping... see or
    Then install your Windows on the new hard drive. Once done, jumper it as master and the other as Slave, then transfer files over with the file transfer utility in Windows XP... or just drag and drop all the folders you need.
    Another choice would be to burn them all to a disc, or to a flash drive.
  3. n0ka

    n0ka TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have a spare HDD from a previous pc, the one in my pc now is a seagate, which is connected by serial, the older one is connected by ide. can they work at the same time
  4. foozy

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    This thread has details on the process that raybay is talking about.
  5. n0ka

    n0ka TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you Foozy, that post helped me a lot, i was having trouble with the slave master thing, the jumpers in particular, i didnt know about them...
    Got everything working now, i can get the files i want from my HD with the problem and reinstall windows... thanks guys
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