Help Please, Hard locking.

By Schuyler
Jun 19, 2005
  1. Ok I give it shot here, and see if I can get a help. Here is my problem, when I start world of warcraft it will just hard lock and freeze with a weird noise repeating itself, Some other games I play works fine. But after sometime it will just freeze like World of warcraft, or not even freeze and just be fine. Could it be my irq that dose this? My soundcard, network, and video card don’t' share irq. But these do, Nvidia nforce4 ADMA controller and Nvidia Geforce Network bus Enumerator. Also all my drivers are updated and I checked for memory leaks.
  2. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

    hello and welcome to techspot :wave: :wave:

    well an IRQ problem cannot be ruled out also see whether there is any driver conflict! check out WOW faq's it might have an answer. good luck :grinthumb
  3. Finchy

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    I had a similar problem a while ago, annoying repeating beeps mean a hardware problem. If the WoW faq has no help, and no one elses suggestions work, open your case and stip down to the bare mimimum (motherboard, hard drive, memory, processor), if the problem persists, swap the stuff until you find whats wrong, and replace. If it's gone, slowly add the remaining stuff until the problem starts again. When it does, remove the offending item and continue, there may be two things causing it. When I had it the problem was my D-link card wasn't in properly, removing it and then putting it back in fixed the problem.
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